107 Steven Universe Facts YOU Should Know! – ToonedUp on CartoonHangover

107 Steven Universe Facts YOU Should Know! – ToonedUp on CartoonHangover

Love Steven Universe? Then you’re gonna love these 107 facts we have for you on ToonedUp! Steven Universe and his adventures with the Crystal Gems have become one of the coolest cartoon shows ever, and the secrets behind it are even cooler! So grab a cookie cat and chill out because ToonedUp has all the facts you need to know!

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Graphics and Edited by: Graham Higgins, Bryarly Bishop, Joseph Monterroso, Alice Blehart & James Weber
Narrated by: StevRayBro & Karem Mohamed (KSic Games)

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20 Responses

  1. nvrgvupdafite says:

    What if Lion is a gem that became corrupted but not fully so he is not evil
    and his gem is under his mane

  2. Glorton ! says:

    fact 72 confirms turbo becoming a series

  3. charles guns says:

    108th the gems are divided in 3 groups of size: little, middle, and big

  4. Deathsbastardbro says:

    Could someone explain 28 for me?

  5. Eclectic Enemy says:

    I actually despise Nicki Minaj’s music, but her voice and regular acting is
    decent. I’d personally prefer her that way.

  6. RaveDX says:

    The facts about why Amythist grew her hair out is technically wrong, since
    she had long hair since the 19th century lol.

  7. Hannah Schilling says:

    107 facts about Gravity Falls!

  8. TheOtherBunny says:

    107 facts about the power puff girls?

  9. vinnie687 says:

    fact 108. steven universe is a show for chicks

  10. starrywishy says:

    Man it’s a shame for all of the people who figured out these facts and
    never got cited :’)

  11. Julia Kasdorf says:

    omfg do the amazing world of gumball im beggin u on my knees

  12. Kleptoz2 says:

    Great video! Now where’s season 3 of Bravest Warriors?

  13. ALuckyLoser says:

    Gravity Falls?

  14. Ethan Harris says:

    I don’t like this show can someone show me the appeal 

  15. Jaggedstripe says:

    Great video. I wish you had linked to your sources though, I’d love to read
    the article about the Gem’s favorite music.

  16. OGHiddenpaw says:

    For the Billion time when exactly we can get more bee&puppy cat?
    Why am I not see anymore bravest warriors?

  17. piplupcola says:

    107 Facts of Over the Garden Wall!

    Or maybe 53 1/2? Since its a mini series :)

  18. Netanya Therese says:

    haha, wow- since being a steven universe all time fan, i only didn’t know
    20% of these facts, thanks for making this!

  19. Jey Jin says:

    I’m shocked that rebecca sugar knows kpop :0

  20. Utena Douji says:

    Learn how to pronounce Utena, before trying to say it please.