11.22.63 on Hulu Trailer (Official)

11.22.63 on Hulu Trailer (Official)

Watch the official trailer for the Hulu original series 11.22.63, premiering on Presidents Day — February 15th, 2016.

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Hulu Original series 11.22.63 is a thriller in which high school English teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy — but his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald, falling in love and the past itself, which doesn’t want to be changed. Also starring Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel, T.R. Knight, Cherry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Lucy Fry, George MacKay and Daniel Webber. The eight-part event series based upon the New York Times best-selling 2011 novel written by Stephen King premieres Presidents Day, Feb. 15, 2016, on Hulu. J.J. Abrams, Stephen King, Bridget Carpenter and Bryan Burk serve as executive producers. Academy Award®-winning Director Kevin Macdonald (Last King of Scotland, State of Play, Black Sea) directs and executive produces the first two hours.

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20 Responses

  1. RKDCORBIN says:

    Certainly has my attention.

  2. D Arias Toledo says:

    In the book Jack walks through a “tunnel” to travel to the past, but I
    think in this serie he will fall from the sky xd

  3. Junior525 says:

    *gets hulu subscription*

  4. Sean Buckwell says:


  5. Bruce Copperfield says:

    I love James Franco :3

  6. ILLYAN says:

    expected it to be darker

  7. Jonathan Keeler says:

    At a guess, time starts getting messed up as he gets close to solving it.
    Kill Oswals and everything goes to shit, to make things right he ends up
    killing Kennedy himself.

  8. ShallowDepression says:

    I wonder who actually killed JFK?


  9. Tom Mullenix says:

    Oh hell yeah.

  10. Keshimaru says:

    spoiler, they find the thing and apparently its a typo so its actually

  11. jenjerx says:

    please please please!

  12. Jack Middleton says:

    $100 Franco kills JFK.

  13. integral says:

    Wow. Great trailer. Gives me hope this’ll work instead of disappointing
    those of us who love the book.

  14. GIMMEDANGERX1 says:

    I heard that they’ve cut out the times Jake goes to Derry, is that true?
    Anyway, looks great and I love the book.

  15. YouWantMooreOfThis says:

    I wanna watch it but… Hulu

  16. creekandseminole says:

    this looks cool!!! and it also makes me wanna go play fallout now lol

  17. enzoli23 says:

    wow, I get goosebumps at the end, at the sniper scene when the music stops

  18. Grace H says:

    wow that’s great. on my birthday

  19. JuneMarie Liddy says:

    very good trailer

  20. Made_You_ Look says:

    Oh fuck … Yes