I haven’t talked much about hygiene so I hope you like the tips & hacks! Thumbs up or comment if you like these videos!
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QUESTION OF THE DAY! What is your favorite Deodorant? Or bath bomb or hygiene Hack?? comment below to share your tips with me and everyone else!

ps.. this video is a mixture of body odor/ hygiene hacks and tips to help you smell yummy everyday even in the summer!

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20 Responses

  1. Sarah Molina says:

    I tried the natural approach using Toms deodorant but idk.. I always seem
    to go back to Dove.. I know the aluminum in it isn’t good for you but to me
    it’s the only thing that works and i like the smell soo much better than
    Toms :/

  2. Amber Cruz says:

    I love using gel deodorants. They last a looong time!

  3. Megan Lee says:

    Secret Outlast is my favorite deodorant.

  4. Holly Wood says:

    I have used Axe Excite for a couple years and it is the best! It works so
    well and it smells really good!

  5. ChrissyCheri07 says:

    Degree Motion Sense is my all time favorite. Even after heavy workouts when
    I’m drenched in sweat and not straight out the show fresh, my pits still
    smell like a field of lilies lol

  6. GamingWith KLlama says:

    DAMN ANDREA, BACK at it again with the life hake videos!

  7. JustJ says:

    I sweat a lot as a person… cycling through deodorants used to work, but
    now I have to reapply antiperspirant at least once every hour or so. I’ve
    tried every kind but natural and chemical, I grew up on dove sprays (in
    Europe) and now living in the U.S. I’ve tried roll-ons too, but to no
    avail. Shaven or natural underarms make no difference either. It’s so
    annoying, I might go to a dermatologist at this point, or someone here know
    anything else that could work on extreme cases? Help!

  8. TIGAHRAWR says:

    Armpit goals, lmao!

  9. mimipeach fuzz says:

    I use florida water.. its the shiznit

  10. Julie Mcburney says:

    Anything by dove is amazing, NIVEA IS CRAP. It does the opposite, it makes
    you smell!

  11. LiLu17121990 says:

    Old spice…yeah,I know…but it works amazing even if you are not a man)))

  12. Noorah Elchahrouk says:

    I loved the vids

  13. Rachel Pelman says:

    I use Dove deodorant! Works great 4 me

  14. Alexandra Brücke says:

    I love rexona for sensitive skin but the problem is that I sweat so much I
    have to apply a aluminum chloride deodorant several times a year which
    clogs the sweat pores to prevent sweating like a fucking animal lmfao

  15. Jade Krone says:

    Recona men stick deodorant

  16. Joann Rodriguez says:

    Great hacks!
    Don’t let your cat go on your shoes ?
    Degree Sexy Intrigue smells good! I love that deodorant and Secret Olay
    Outlast Completely Clean scent.

  17. Janice Mbungu says:

    hey andrea I’m new to you channel I love it

  18. eatyoriceful says:

    putting things the freezer does not kill any bacteria (check any food
    safety guide). however, it might make your clothes smell less because it
    pulls moisture out of the fabric (that’s why there’s freezer burn)

  19. iamblurr says:

    The best, if not the ONLY deodorant that works for me is a crystal
    deodorant made from natural mineral salts. I could swim in a pool of sweat
    and still, no stink at all ?

  20. Nelly Andersson says:

    DKNY Deo is the best