11-month-old trying to walk 80 pound bulldog

11-month-old trying to walk 80 pound bulldog

My son, 11 months old when I made this video, trying to walk my 80 pound English bulldog who did not want to go for a walk.

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20 Responses

  1. Mike Tao says:

    Got that bounce action to speed up the process. 0:24 Dog still wasn’t
    having it. lol

  2. clarkeclarkenson says:

    Am I the only one who thought that kid should be riding the dog instead of
    just walking it? I know it’s not that simple, but I want to live in a world
    where it is.

  3. Jerardo Vazquez says:

    Nice. Bull dog

  4. Djcasso123 says:


  5. francisco m says:

    How can you do this to your kid, put a saddle on that dog and let him ride.
    Come on be a good parent.

  6. stiimuli says:

    Legends say the dog is still standing in that same spot.

  7. Kasi Karuppan says:

    Wow lots of dislikes, why?

  8. A Hafizudin says:

    Where’s the uncut part?

  9. Wealoo says:

    someone call peta

  10. Ab Sir says:

    That’s the last we saw of the kid….

  11. christian sones says:

    Poor dog lol

  12. Robert Vermeulen says:

    I would never let my kid at that age try and walk my dog. Stupid and
    irresponsible. Dogs like this listen to their bosses, not to small baby’s
    like this child!

  13. Ali Pasha says:

    That boy is gonna be breakfast one day.

  14. Mickey Mouse says:

    god damn thats cute! i cant show this to my girl now cause she’ll want to
    have another kid.

  15. War Rock says:

    This is so sad 🙁 Just look at that poor dog trapped in that thing.

  16. Trent Steele says:

    lol this lil baby is hella weak

  17. Javier Miguel Abeng says:

    Here people, as you can see is a video recorded horizontally.

  18. Brianna McComb says:

    Bernie does not want to go for a walk, apparently.

  19. Gustavo Machado says:

    Don’t do that to the dog, don’t force him to do things he doesn’t want too.

  20. lana delrey says:

    I was waiting for the dog to maul the baby…