11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

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61 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    lesson learned, if you like boba, you get an automatic 9 in personality

  2. brooke grindle says:

    “well im not tryna flex but its like 720” why did I laugh so hard lmfao

    • _____ _____ says:

      that’s like the most random weird flex ?

    • SEOULful-Wings says:

      he stole that from wild n out 😛 some cuter guy pulled that off better and was the top two being selected by the girl.

    • brooke grindle says:

      +SEOULful-Wings ah haven’t seen that one. I tend to watch these videos at 3 am when im bored so ill probably come across is some time.

  3. Macie Despain says:

    Oml please do this again with a guy and 11 girls. I am soooo curious

  4. A and A says:

    “Idk my credit score?”
    Me: Just use credit karma. Don’t worry it’s free.?

  5. pumpkinpie 2002 says:

    I would definitely keep watching this as a series I loved this

  6. Pria Woulmun says:

    What if they lied about putting their volume up

  7. domo535 says:

    Bra I feel like she’s so shallow

    He likes bread!??

  8. Mammon says:

    I can’t believe someone threw out a 720 credit score thinking that was impressive

  9. Ivan C. says:

    720 credit score isn’t much of a flex lol

  10. Marseilles Burton says:


    Absolutely no one:

    Sean: I don’t mean to FLEX but my credit score is 720 ????

    • SEOULful-Wings says:

      +Joseph Smith hahahahaha this guy is selling cars or working at a bank I swear

    • Victoria H says:

      ??? 720 is not that hard to accomplish anyway hahah. Come see me when your score is 817 ?

    • Joseph Smith says:

      +SEOULful-Wings yeah I used to work sales? only once seen someone with credit above 800 and they had a black card. Everyone else is lying, or a 12 year old troll, saying they have 800+ credit. Probably looked up “highest credit score” and picked a number close to that.

    • ä l ë x I ä :/ says:

      Also Sean: I’m a sex symbol

    • Kurt E. Clothier says:

      +Joseph Smith My wife and I are both 800+ – have been for years. There are plenty of things I’d rather be lying about.

  11. Tom says:

    This boy brought up credit score!?!?!? ????

  12. Dizzle says:

    My new saying: oh yeet wow, that’s dope

  13. young neil says:

    honestly tho the guy with the highest personality isn’t even that bad looking. and he’s very well spoken and confident. love that!

  14. Justin says:

    “Oh yeet wow! We double’d right there” ?

  15. DrDjOfficial says:

    “Oh Yeet, Wow. That’s dope. I mean we doubled right there”
    He’s going far. Spoken like a true aerospace and math major

  16. Mary Tesic says:

    ” *and he liked bread* ”
    Wow girl, what a catch xd

  17. heretobehappy says:

    I love the way you edited the back-to-back personality clips so short – so many LOL opportunities ?

  18. Modern Gentleman says:

    please continue with this format, this type of format opens the eyes for most people and shows that awesome dateable personalties are hidden in people which many would not look twice at

  19. FirstPrinciple r says:

    3:40 “What’s your Credit Score?” – woah, what a unique line for your potential date 😉

  20. Nikko I says:

    Jared: Do you watch Stranger Things?
    Her: No…
    Me: Just move on Jared.

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