11PM: Hurricane Florence Update

11PM: Hurricane Florence Update

The 11pm update for Hurricane Florence

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  1. Ren says:

    I was going to write a joke, but I’m going to be serious..

    I live in North Carolina, please pray for us.

  2. Gnarly Darling says:

    Imagine being called Florence and being in Florence county while hurricane Florence is hitting… hard life

  3. Connor Britcher says:

    Hurricane casually heads towards the state I’m evacuating to

  4. Madison Hall says:

    I hope that everyone gets to safety and that no one get hurt😔

  5. ninjas daughter says:

    i just wanna get all those dogs and cats and other animals from the storm who might not make it 😭

  6. James Fox says:

    moving south and off shore – as bad as i hate to repeat it – but its gonna be WET – lulz . But Yes – Rain and Still Chances of Tornadoes – BE SAFE EVERYONE

  7. Melanated Prince says:

    This hurricane is not that strong as they’re saying. 1mil people evacuated for nothing.

    • Nintendo Fan27 says:

      +Buzzsaw Louie You sir, need to shut the fuck up.

    • Dream Catcher says:

      Melanated Prince ..to bomboclaaat!!!

    • nothing personal says:

      You realize that the water in the east coast coast will start flooding and those people will end up in trouble if they don’t move? Even if it’s raining, it’s still better to evacuate than be trapped in the house because the rain was too heavy, and there is a chance that it could flood in those areas.

      Hell, I would retreat rather than to sit there, calling this news bullshit and thinking everything is okay without thinking critically.

    • NyteStealth says:

      Its called a precaution. Mother Nature is an unpredictable being and she can do whatever she wants at any time with little to no warning.

    • Kanye East says:

      Hurricane still going and water level will rise soon. Better to evacuate than have another Houston after hurricane Harvey

  8. Lil pollo the tasty ass G says:

    If we blew at it ,we might throw it to Europe. Rip Europe

  9. CrY says:

    how am i gonna play my damn fortnite here in south carolina, season damn 6 boutta end

  10. Cat Loover says:

    I’m in South Carolina and there’s no rain or storm?? I’m confused here.

  11. Hannah Lafferty says:

    My luck – born and raised in Florida, experienced Irma last year.
    Move to Myrtle Beach this year…now this. -_-

  12. gaviotita vargas says:

    My friend is in North Carolina 1 like. 1 prayer and I pray for you even though I am not close too you

  13. Peter Macias says:

    Hope there are no deaths. God’s grace be with them all.

    • Squishy King says:

      Good lord, the guy was only saying he hopes everything will be alright and the moment he includes “God” in it you get a bunch of shrub dicked assholes getting mad over something they don’t believe in. Fucks sake as a christian it seriously pisses me off when people do that shit, don’t say anything if you don’t like what he’s saying. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SO HARD TO DO

    • Betty White says:

      Squishy King Well it’s frustrating when people say they’ll be sending their prayers because praying doesn’t work. If you’re really concerned then send money, not prayers. And if God has a plan already then what’s the point of praying… Are you trying to change his mind lol? Just silly.

    • The Truth says:

      +GamingOnABudget this could be man made due to geoengineering ( http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org ) or it could be some of God’s judgement on the USA. Either way God still loves you and sent His Only Begotten Son to die on the cross for your sins, mine, and the whole worlds. It is up to you whether or not you believe on and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. God does not want you to perish! Repent and believe on the the Lord Jesus Christ while you still can. You are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

    • Jamal Robertson says:

      +Sawyer Actually it did as it was predicted way before hand to be a Cat 4…

    • Jamal Robertson says:

      +Betty White Prayer doesn’t work, do you even know what prayer is?

  14. Jaylen Williams says:

    Who else live in North Carolina and just curious wtf going on

  15. Moose says:

    Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  16. King Xpert21 says:

    Plz pray for my brother. He lives in North Carolina and my brother has been a role model ever since. I pray to god every night that god can protect my brother.

  17. Snowboat392 says:

    I think people are getting it twisted it’s not as powerful in terms of wind speed but the amount of flooding this one can do is insane

  18. Conuz says:

    I live in Greenville North Carolina and i’m just chillin on my porch listening to the wind lol it’s so relaxing.

  19. Iman says:

    And Trump says climate change is a hoax…

  20. Brayan Da Silva says:

    US: can we have cold weather?
    Mother nature: did you say Hurricane?
    US: no cold wea-
    Mother nature: Ok Category 5

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