12 Pregnancy Situations Every Woman Can Relate To / Pregnancy Hacks

12 Pregnancy Situations Every Woman Can Relate To / Pregnancy Hacks

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25 Relatable Situations You’ve Definitely Been In / Annoying Situations https://youtu.be/k–rjHJB-GI?list=PLm2BDoawbClKr_gj7wLQ3OIj_bF__E-nd
Pregnancy is the happiest and the most unusual time for every woman! But it’s not easy! In our new video you’ll find some essential life hacks for pregnancy and funny stories about what it’s like to be pregnant!

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    When You’re Early And Don’t Know What To Comment

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  6. GHAYOOR RAZA says:

    This girl came year ago omg thats terrible why u dont came early

  7. Allimates says:

    “Every woman can relate to”

    Except women that aren’t pregnant.

  8. syrupsam09 says:

    *the next level is practicing on people*

  9. dudettefabulous says:

    Just a man wearing a fake belly flossing next to a pregnant woman everything is normal

  10. Broken Legs jr. says:

    For the whole video u got pregnancy ads

  11. gaming with Gabriela cool says:

    Most of us watching are kids you know

  12. William Jomphe says:

    OMG the pregnant girl is a Old girl from troom troom

  13. Nouran Tamer says:

    Poor guy he is dressed up as a baby and I say we and the for says I will be a great mom ???

  14. lalisa pink says:

    How did she put the dipper on him. Iiiiiiiuuuuuu. Did she just saw his ****?. OMG

  15. Zamaratakhta399 Zamaratakhta says:

    hay i m pregnent and i want to know about d pregnant women food…plzzzzzz

  16. Gummy Truwu says:

    My mom had an even harder time with me. Why? BECAUSE I WAS SUCH A FAT BABY that it looked like she had twins in her belly ;-; BUT IT WAS ME THE FATTEST BABY EVER

  17. Thona Wilder says:

    Is it just me or does ben look 18.And she looks 25.Maybe 30.

  18. Marietta Tripp says:

    Who is watching but not pregnant
    Like if you arnt

  19. its me eden says:

    eXpeCtIng a bAbY iS a lOt oF fUn
    *Colleen Ballinger has left the chat*

  20. Sir says:

    So you’re telling me this is trending over Hurricane Warnings? Awesome

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