12 THRILLING ROUNDS | Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 Fight Highlights

12 THRILLING ROUNDS | Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 Fight Highlights

Oleksandr Usyk wins the Ring Magazine title and retains his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles against Anthony Joshua.

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43 Responses

  1. Matthew Manotoc says:

    Thanks DAZN for providing this amount of content for us who don’t have access to the fight 🙏🏼

    • Tshita Maponopono says:

      Lol they know some Korean is gonna drop it free anyways with horrible editing and still get a million views in 3 days

    • Richard Oaxaca says:

      I got you guys . I can do that but with respect to the sport, of course.
      It was tight man but I was expecting a classic anyway. We have it . It’s going to at least be in the talk ` fight of year
      Looking forward to Bud vs Spence that’s what I really want to see.
      I hope Triple G wins but who cares .

    • Joshua Joshua says:

      Yes we never had access to the fight

    • MrAlexg91 says:

      @Kurt Tugas calm down, Kurt

    • Datebayo_uwu_ says:

      @Stamboli thanks to the ads that sponsor and give the money to do various events 🙏

  2. Quackquack Im a duck says:

    After a rough 9th round, Usyk went back to his corner and told himself “I’m feel” waking the inner beast within himself

  3. hyperbomb02 says:

    This is the first fight in a real long time that AJ looked like a champion and the fighter he is said to be.

  4. Brian Baker says:

    Usyk ability to slip punches is truly amazing.

  5. kg says:

    These highlights made the fight look way closer than it was.

  6. axl says:

    The way Usyk responded in the tenth round won him the fight. He refused to let AJ dominate him and showed that he is the better fighter

  7. Kirk Giordano plastering Inc. says:

    12th round AJ tackled Os with his shoulder, at 12:28, you can see the pain from that tackle on OS’s face, then again, less than 30 seconds later same round at 13:02, AJ placed all his weight and laid on OU, two tricks were used by long time professionals to wear out the other man.
    Jack London wrote about that trick in 1909 in his book called “A piece of steak.” Kind of cool to see it actually happen.🤔

  8. Dilip Munajat says:

    It’s a shame that AJ’s hard punches couldn’t bring Usyk down. Because of his agility and strong physique, Usyk deserves to win the second match this time

  9. rakista7 says:

    Usyk is like a heaveyweight manny pacquiao 😁 You can see it the way he moves. In and out box, quick left hand, 2x jab then straight left, side step, etc.. Great performance 👌

    • rocky walker says:

      @DaCoup ** Do not disrespect the 8 weight division champ, and yes Usyk is similiar to Pacman especially when he was in welterweight and jr middle.

    • DaCoup ** says:

      What!?… never seen Pac-Man move like Usyk nobody other than his stable mates Loma and Gvozdyk move like usyk because they’re from the same camp … Pac-Man wishes he could perform like that.

  10. No One says:

    Usyk’s fighting style reminded me so much of a young Manny Paquiao, fast and deadly!

    • DaCoup ** says:

      They have a pretty apparent clear contrast in style, I’ve never seen Pac-Man pivot, slip and duck punches while changing levels like that and throw so many obscure faints while connecting combinations the way he does, pacs an in and out lateral fighter who throws volume as fast as he can but he doesn’t move like Usyk, Loma and Gvozdyk do because they come from the same camp and brought up in the same circuit with the same coach … there’s no comparison here.

    • D Eleqtronica says:

      It’s the way Usyk cuts distance, he does the same hop Manny used

    • breakthetedium says:

      I’d say more like James toney, slipping and throwing nice counters, short hooks and uppercuts

    • Old Ironsides says:

      They actually fight nothing alike at all.
      I’ve been reading the comparison parroted for days though

    • Dixon HBK says:

      I agree but at heavy weight to move like that is crazy

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