12/26/2015 Rowlett, TX Destructive Tornado

12/26/2015 Rowlett, TX Destructive Tornado

A large nighttime tornado roars across I-30 in Rowlett, TX causing numerous power flashes and explosions. Tornado continues northward across Lavon Lake and causes damage in Copeville, TX, continuing north along TX-78.

Not for broadcast without license. For license, contact Kory Hardman at severestudios.com 1-866-WX-LIVE-1.

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20 Responses

  1. Julia's Life says:

    Not joking my mom and me were going to move to rowlett in September so
    blessed I didn’t

  2. Fusion says:

    I was very close to this tornado.. Rockwall, Texas.

  3. Дмитрий Вайсбург says:


  4. jshyne863 says:

    You had better appreciate today. This video, like many others, is a very
    good example of why tomorrow isn’t promised today.

  5. Nicolas Scarlett says:

    Damn son where u find that?

  6. endergal 2004 says:

    My gran parents were in it ?

  7. BigMTBrain says:

    At 1:37 – “There, I can see it! Yeah, that’s it. That’s a monster. It’s
    big. ………………… Yeah-ohh, it’s VERY big! Ohh, it’s MASSIVE!
    Wowww! Ohh. OHHHH! OH, MY GOSH! IT’S BIG!!! IT’S HITTIN’ STUFF! Look at all
    that. There it is! Get it!” Funny… same dialog as the two babes in my
    dream last night. ;-D

  8. MrBonger88 says:

    Thanks for the great footage

  9. Eye Camdy says:

    Incredible up close very daring footage. The constant electrical explosions
    were “shocking” to witness. Heartbreaking news of the loss of life involved
    with this tornado.

  10. Mary M says:

    my house was close to this. alot of people lost their homes

  11. bmanning gaming and stuff says:

    it was an ef4 tornado. the biggest one since 2000

  12. Calvin Do says:

    thats insane! we get a little rain in california, and media calls it a
    storm. lol

  13. Emily Pollack says:

    Sirens scare me

  14. Nina “and” Jana says:

    The only thing that scared me in this vid, was the siren’s.

  15. Captain Phasma says:

    1:43 that’s what she said ;)

  16. Vernon Santiago says:

    Oh my god that happen December 26, 2015? I can’t believe it and that is SO
    SCARY… I thinking image that people sleep at night might be killed wow
    nightmare weather…

  17. BLVCKENE says:

    Big Tornado! Lets just drive towards it everyone…

  18. Collin Shepelwich says:

    This thing came through about a mile from my house.Terrible.The support and
    love from all around the Metroplex is amazing.Its true,everyone in Texas is
    one big family.??

  19. InKa4484 says:

    We had a tornado the other day too. Probably the same storm. Oh well
    climate change is definitely made up to scare us.

  20. Sarah Fitzgerald says:

    hope everyone is alright my prayers go out to the families who were hit and
    had some death