13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Final Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker? | Netflix

Everyone had a reason to want Bryce Walker dead. But who actually went through with it? Season 3 drops August 23, 2019 on Netflix.

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13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Who Killed Bryce Walker Trailer 2 | Netflix

Secrets. Lies. Revenge. Everyone at Liberty High has something to hide … and the truth is about to come out.

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90 Responses

  1. shaneal Mckann says:

    Y’all worried about Bryce I’m worried about Alexei i-

  2. lalimf305 says:

    Idc what happens, all I know is this season we BETTER protect Tyler Down at ALL COSTS ?

    • Gesina pancrace says:

      I agree ?Monty doesn’t seem to be leaving him alone ?

    • Malley Powell says:

      protect tyler so so so much!!!! i want them to spend time on his journey like they did with jessica. i hope they didn’t just throw that scene in the end to have a “it happens to boys too” moment and to lead up to him going to the dance and that they actually DEAL with it! I miss his curls tho :'(

  3. Fellipe CSR says:

    Dear Bryce´s Killer…

    Thanks my friend, You are a friend.

  4. TheBlueNeutron says:

    Liberty high is the type of place where there are known bullies, rapists and potential school shooters but students will never want to transfer schools.

  5. Madison Elaine says:

    What if it was Bryce’s ex girlfriend??

  6. LazyInfantry says:

    I frickin hate Bryce with all my heart, like so much. To such an extent that anytime I see Justin Prentice, I hate him. That’s how you know Justin Prentice is a good actor.

    • Leeyah Evans says:

      LazyInfantry Me too. Like if I ever were to see that man in person. I would be like stay away from me bro.

  7. luci g says:

    hannah’s mom said she wanted him dead… just sayin

    • NurvysWrld says:

      luci g she’s in New York tho

    • Godly says:

      NurvysWrld This takes place way after the 2nd season. She said she was checking off Hannah’s list, so that means she was just going to visit/spend time. Not stay. If she stays she doesn’t finish the list.

    • FBI we got em says:

      NurvysWrld or maybe she just said that she was going to new york so that people wouldn’t even think that she did since she wasn’t there but she actually never went to new york??

    • LeetoLydia says:

      @FBI we got em Omg. Mew York! I hope they change the name to that some day

    • Perla Holguin says:

      Ik lmao i lowkey think it was her or mr porter

  8. Nashaad Egeh says:

    Teacher: we have some bad news. Bryce walker was find dead

    No one:

    Not even a single soul

    Me: so what’s the bad news ?

  9. alyah reyna says:

    it was obviously the gargoyle king that killed Bryce

  10. TTV_ FinesseGod says:

    Teacher: “Bryce walker has died.”
    Me:*cheers quietly*

  11. MAKEOUT HILL says:


  12. Danaysha Greene says:

    PLOT TWIST:this whole show is what WOULD’VE happened if Hannah killed herself??

  13. Thi D. says:

    Is going to be hard to catch the killer. Pretty Much everyone wanted that bastard gone. lol.

  14. XEverythingX XxfanxX says:

    “May I have your attention please”
    Only thing going threw my mind
    “Will the real slim shady please stand up”

  15. Isis Seton says:

    “Bryce walker was found and confirmed dead”

    [Everyone liked that]

  16. Cookie_monster 12 says:

    I think in the end Hannah’s mom killed him before she left for New York because she was practicing shooting in season two and it would make perfect sense

  17. THEHEATBLAZE says:

    Intercoms: “Bryce Walker was found dead”

    Me: Does a fortnite dance

  18. m willis says:

    Why does everyone think that Clay always has something to do with everything?!?!

  19. BapTaeZed says:

    Everyone else being excited bout Bryce’s death..

    But who tf is the girl with the accent?

  20. Jerky921 says:

    Bryce was a monster but that Monty kid always came off as psychotic

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