13-Year-Old Boy Attempts To Kick Window Out On American Flight From Maui

13-Year-Old Boy Attempts To Kick Window Out On American Flight From Maui

Fellow passengers helped contain a 13-year-old boy, while a flight attendant duct-taped him to his seat, after he grew violent with his own mother and attempted to kick out the plane’s window.

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43 Responses

  1. Lizard Kid says:

    That boy is living the life, imagine how many kids went no where this summer.

  2. Femme Brulee says:

    With all these rising incidents on flights, I feel like I should invest in some 3M stock or in the stock of whomever makes duct tape.

  3. rollingcan says:

    How bad can your life be if you’re traveling to Hawaii at 13. Some of us never get to go.

    • Social Commentary 101 says:

      @DARLA NEWCOMB Reach for a judgment, why dont you? If you understood the first thing about mental health, youd pipe down.

    • Social Commentary 101 says:

      @Rogue Ze Legacy More appreciative. Hmmm. Of what? Parents who clearly dont understand that their son has mental health issues? Get a clue!

    • Big Peen says:

      @Social Commentary 101 I agree. Its interesting how many people attack children that are misbehaving without wondering why they might be acting that way.

    • R Davis says:

      @mitrice richardsons revenge Did not know that. Is it just masks everywhere or do they make you do a Hula Kahiko. before you can get in any place?

    • Christian Stineman says:

      @R Davis nah you have to do the limbo as well to get into places.

  4. Biggg Dawg says:

    I need to get my mother in law a ticket on this flight. And thank you American for a ‘what the duct’ moment.

  5. tyrone b says:

    Dang , first adult acting stupid and now a kid pulling same crap. wow.

    • gfink2 says:

      I would expect it more from the kid TBH

    • Reigen says:

      @Ag47Liberty idk, seems like spoiled child behaviour to me

    • Ag47Liberty says:

      @Reigen I can accept that a sense of entitlement(spoiled) could also be part of the problem, but the drugs also could be part of the problem, too. It is probably a cocktail of several things. It is most likely not just one cause.

    • Reigen says:

      @Ag47Liberty I don’t understand how psychotropic drugs, which you say is the government’s way of controlling children, would cause him to behave like this. Wouldn’t he be sedated instead of irritable? Wouldn’t it work?

    • Ag47Liberty says:

      @Reigen Not if he hadn’t been taking them. Those drugs don’t always work as intended and especially on children. Those drugs were never tested on children only on adults.

  6. Cristian says:

    I love this tape technique. Non Violent and very effective.

    • R Davis says:

      @Alex M You can “sue” just about any one for any thing. But that doesn’t mean your going to get a nickel. Plus you can end up paying court costs for losing your sue charge.

    • Corey Carlisle says:

      Is this the new thing now? Flight attendants must be armed with duct tape instead of soda and chips? When released I can bet they needed marshals to control him.

    • Alex M says:

      @R Davis thats true…

    • Feather says:

      @Willem Flattery so what’s your solution?

    • Heidi Oller says:

      @TooReal Too damn bad. No one no matter what their age has a right to cause a disturbance, endanger passengers and physically attack people on a plane. They won’t win a legal case just because they felt humiliated. Who cares? They humiliate themselves with that dangerous and asinine behavior. They need some education on how to act accordingly in society.

  7. Dawn Gallagher says:

    One thing is for sure, this pandemic has shown who people REALLY are. There’s alot of nasty people in this world unfortunately.

    • Cerph says:

      Too much stress can blow a lot of people out.

    • Cerph says:

      @Vlad Tschill It’s stress

    • Stephanie Anderson says:

      @John Kay I think this young man probably had some mental health issues to begin with. He just came from Maui to LAX on a freaking plane with other people. He could have been in the cargo hold or hell he could have been on a ship for two or three weeks however long it takes to get there I don’t know. It’s a privilege to get to fly, not a right.

    • Hazem Mohamad says:

      Nah, people are just trash

    • Aaron K says:

      @BlobfishnFriends It’s a 5 hour flight…no biggie. But I do agree wish there was a bit more

  8. Chris Prescott says:

    Duct tape is becoming the go to solution for rowdy air travelers.

  9. R Davis says:

    Now this 13 year old and probably the family he was flying with will probably at least on this airline be banned from flying for life. I also hear rumors a lot or all the airlines are sharing their passenger banned list so all passengers on the list will be banned from flying the rest of their lives. Quite a feeling I assume knowing you can never fly anywhere ever (pleasure, business, ect.) for the rest of your life.

  10. Scott Paris says:

    Is there a place where I can donate a few cases of duct tape to the airline industry?
    There seem to be a lot of real whack-jobs trying to take flights lately.

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