14 Shot in Mass Shooting at New Jersey House Party | NBC New York

14 Shot in Mass Shooting at New Jersey House Party | NBC New York

New Jersey state police said at least 14 people were shot, with two of them killed, during what they called a “mass shooting event” at a party being attended by at least 100 people in rural Cumberland County. NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal reports.

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39 Responses

  1. Hugh Mungus says:

    I like how they are framing this as a random stranger that opened fire, and not someone with a particular beef with people at that party.

    • KnotUrToy says:

      @T. M stfu already shit bucket. Your sister called…she waiting for you. Says she showered and shaved.

    • T. M says:

      @KnotUrToy ridicule isnt going to work against facts. did you read all those racist comments bye done said? did you read my facts about what dems said about tim scott?

    • Walter Goodwin says:

      @Scorpion Venom Studio Games really well I tell you this at 6ft 8 inches and weighing in at 285. I am capable of defending myself or do you really want to continue threatening me as if I’m some 145lb soaking wet or what. Your that coward beating on women n children like you’re someone special yeah yellow school bus special and helmet to boot you wish.

    • Antoinette Mosley says:

      @T. M and I’m trying to tell you for some reason I don’t know why your brain isn’t receiving this but there’s a lot of chapters that’s within the black lives matter movement that they’re even trying to think of another slogan to remove themselves stop trying to argue with me

    • T. M says:

      @Antoinette Mosley what you meant to say is theyre trained marxists (their words not mine) who hide behind color and are the dems paramilitary wing just like the brown shirts. they keep getting caught with corruption and now theyre on damage control.

  2. Memphis Stef says:

    These people were so dedicated to the 90s theme that they even replicated the high murder rate of the 90s

  3. Lando 9128 says:

    First time I went to a majority black party my friends that were taking me sat me down and said “stay close to us, hear arguing walk the other way, if you hear gunshots follow us” shit gets real and very quickly man. Everyone be safe and just have kickbacks

    • Lando says:

      @The Brazen atheist yes I’m sure you did grow up in the hood and went to a hood party

    • The Brazen atheist says:

      @Lando lol wow you got shit to say to that huh?

      You got me it’s all made up, I’m a suburban white kid just mad at blacks, got ME blahhh I’m so dumb, thought I could lie.

      So where you from? what hood or black area idk what to call it in a dorky white guy but what hood did you grow up in?

      Do you like the hip hop music? Doctor Dre perhaps?

      Also dad? Or nah? Is that a sore subject?

      I’ll start…I have a dad and while him and my mom split up when I was 9 he has been in my life on a day to day basis.


    • DankTime says:

      @The Brazen atheist you seem like a deeply unpleasant person

    • retired luvit says:

      @N Patrick was wondering the same

    • Beautiful Zion says:

      Don’t ever for a minute think that Whites haven’t ever harmed or killed Black people.

  4. Roger Cosse says:

    If it were an 80’s themed party, there would be dancing and good times.

    • Teeter totter says:

      @PHROGGYBOI the internet was around back then parents didn’t allow it and parents should not allow their pompous arrogant little brats on the internet these days.. everybody’s got a big mouth on the internet but when you come face to face you get scared and pull a gun like a wuss…

    • 4ced2Wype says:

      boy do I have news for you

    • Jay B says:

      @Matt 18ball c’mon now! Don’t act like the 80s was all peaches n creme. It was just as Grimey .Hip hop was fun but people got Murked in the 80s especially mid to late 80s

    • PHROGGYBOI says:

      @Teeter totter ya I know it existed lmao jesus man, it just wasn’t a very common thing and on top of that it was unbearable to use. And I dont understand your point, again all i was saying originally was that the world is the same as it’s always been, you just remember it differently because of your access to information. Idk why your so pissed off about that.

    • John Doe says:

      and cocaine

  5. Gohan Son says:

    Stopped going to house parties many years ago. There’s always drama or that one person who starts shit and a fight breaks loose.

    • Adam Smol says:

      @isabel ward what an assumption you have there

    • maternst1 says:

      This IS NOT a fight. This is a SHOOTING. There is a difference.

    • I'm always Banned says:

      For real .. every time someone got too drunk and had to trip over what color someone was wearing or how they had their hat on just stupid shit

    • I'm always Banned says:

      @maternst1 yea not really in the 90s. The fight meant someone was coming back with a gun almost every time or dudes start showing off guns to impress girls and other dudes would take it wrong and it was all down hill from their. One house party I was at they guys acted cool with a low rider gang member just to get him their then beat him in the garage with a hammer. That next weekend both those kids where dead 🤷‍♂️ shit stupid .. people would drive past the high school and just start shooting at it too because of some dumb drama at a house party from the weekend before .. just not worth it

    • Shon Henderson says:

      @I’m always Banned why would girls think a dude with a gun is cool cute or attractive? I don’t understand why they like gangsters and hood dudes

  6. Rook Master says:

    Bad people have some catching up to do… restrictions over the past year have obviously cramped their violent lifestyle.

  7. George sirris says:

    And this is why I don’t make allot of friends because someone’s always got some bullshit.

  8. Brandurn Porchiga says:

    I need to hurry up and get my concealed carry

  9. AreYouBen? says:

    Been to plenty of these party’s in the 90’s nine times out of ten it was somebody who wasn’t let in because people knew they were violent then they just start shooting everyone. Such a tragedy. Praying for those who were lost and those who survived. Tell your loved ones you love em daily because we are never promised tomorrow. No matter your views

  10. Patrick Gjorven says:

    So, basically a beef with 1 or 2 people with a bunch of bystanders in the dark.

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