15 Mistakes Most Beginner Cooks Make

15 Mistakes Most Beginner Cooks Make

When it comes to making incredible tasting food, the journey is never-ending. Every single time I get in the kitchen to cook, there is always something I can learn or improve on and all it really takes to do that is paying attention! Cooking is about being intuitive and this series will break down all the tips, skills and techniques that i’ve picked up on my 8 year journey of being intuitive in the kitchen!

If you’ve been a Brothers Green subscriber for years, i’m sure many of these tips are already in your arsenal. but like I said before, i’m constantly learning so there’s always some new cooking love to spread around!

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20 Responses

  1. Brothers Green Eats says:

    if these tips seems obvious to you… congratulations! You’re already a beast in the kitchen

  2. Cainyoyo says:

    Please do more of these absolute beginner videos πŸ˜­πŸ‘

  3. Den farlige mis says:

    My girlfriend won’t let me keep her pussyjuice for later use.

    What to do?

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “healthy” oil. Too much of any oil can do damage. To have said a “lighter” oil could have been better; more correct at least. Take grape seed oil for instance; too much of it will clog up your body just like any other coconut or palm oil, but it’s not as heavy in the digestion so you don’t get that ‘icky gut’ feeling; the smoke point is also MUCH higher and you can basically fry things to a good crisp with no flare-danger.

  5. Syncubus says:

    “Cooks” is plural. The apostrophe is incorrect.

    It’s not a difficult rule to remember and you only have to learn it once. This beats broadcasting grammatical errors to nearly a million people.

  6. beep says:

    why would you waste the mushroom stems? theyre edible and taste great, just have a slightly different texture than the top of the mushroom

  7. LTK Snoogins says:

    I enjoy the channel because of your brother (because of his humble attitude) I would enjoy you more if you stepped away from calling yourself a chef. I can tell this is a hobby, and not a professional path. P.S do some research before making videos like this to learn proper terminology if you wanna call yourself a chef so you don’t mislead viewers, and make them sound ignorant.

  8. Peter Montoya Lim says:

    hey, try this out :
    -cut your chicken before you season it. use some liquid for seasoning. and dont cook the chicken beforehand. just cook it before you put your veggies.
    -you got a wok, use it.
    -mushrooms dont overcook, so you can cook that with your chicken.
    -check your stuff. prepare everything and make sure your vinegar is not concentrated vinegar unless you want your stir fry to taste like acid rain from Chernobyl.
    -use sesame seeds as part of seasoning.
    -garnish? c’mon, who needs it on a stir fry? just use a fancy plate/bowl and it will look nice
    (trust me, im Asian)

    dis one long ass comment…
    i gotta stop thinking about this shit…

  9. josh tsui says:

    can you replace meat with tofu

  10. wag1 says:

    love it, if this is a series though it would be cool if you explain why you do some of the less obvious things, for example if you make a video on pizzas explain why you let the dough rise twice instead of in one big chunk etc

  11. Michael says:

    1. Dry meat off before cooking
    2. Make meat even thickness
    3. Let seasoned meat sit for at least 10 minutes
    4. Controlling heat of pan
    5. Enough oil in the pan
    6. Preheat pan before adding oil
    7. Pull meat early
    8. Let meat sit and don’t waste juice
    9. Prep your veggies and aromatics
    10. Create a plan of attack
    11. Don’t overcook veggies
    12. Let your food chill (don’t over stir)
    13. Season your food
    14. Make that shit look nice
    15. Practice and you will get better

  12. maliciousheart says:

    Protip: Beat your meat. Hue hue hue

  13. Mirz23 says:

    Would we dry beef the same for stir fry as you would chicken??

  14. pyrotechnologist1 says:

    You guys seriously don’t have a legit salt and pepper grinder? Hope you’re refilling the plastic ones at least and not producing garbage needlessly

  15. Donia Phobia says:

    i’ve never Seen a yellow zucchini

  16. Asbjela Sulejmani says:

    Foods to start cooking if you are a beginner:(Begiiner level)
    -Eggs(start by making them scrambled or just put them into the pan and let it cook,them move on to the omelette than start getting creative) you can also boil them, poaching is kinda hard.
    -Pasta(It is really simple too cook and can almost never go wrong,the first time you cook them split them in half,it will be much easier, than after a while try to get everything into the pot)
    -Deep fry Chicken( take a nice piece of chicken, breast is mostly recommended, dip it in flour, eggs and then breadcrumbs and ALOT of oil in the pan, and let it cook, just don’t let it burn, but even if it is slightly burned it will taste damn good).
    Simple salads( just pick vegetables that you like, tomatoes,cucumbers,green lettuce and onions are mostly recommended and some olive oil and salt to give it some flavor, you can vinegar because it makes it really juicy and nice)
    -Boil potatoes( Wash the potatoes, and then fill a pot with water, just a decent amount and let them boil for around 15-20 minutes,or more if you like them really soft, peel them, add some salt in them some oregano ,olive oil, or you can chop them and put them in a salad)
    After you are better try cooking:(Amateur level)
    -Rice(brown or white and any type of rice)
    learn how to make dough so you can make pizzas, calzones, simple small pies with minced meat and onion,
    -Tomato, ragu, or bechamel sauces, and any other kind.
    -Chicken or fish fillets, fry them in sunflower or olive oil.
    -Start using seafood, extremely tasty and will make you feel like a real chef, fry them in tomato sauce and add it pasta or in anything you like. or just boil or fry them and eat them.
    Start using the oven and grill if you have one.
    -Roasted chicken with vegetables
    -Lasagna(you can make bechamel and the tomato sauce yourself)
    -Pizza(make the dough yourself, always let the dough rest for two hours or more depending on room temp etc.)
    Simple desserts like:
    chocolate chip cookies,Pancakes,donuts(just take some dough, make a hole in the middle and fry and them dip in chocolate and then sugar).
    Work more on your dish presentation, and them amount of food that you put in your plate if you want to impress other people,
    Do not overfill plates, work in your cutting skills, just don’t go too fast, you will cut the food badly and you might hurt yourself.
    Make sure you have a cutting board, a pan,a pot, an oven tray etc.

  17. Emmanuel Ticas says:

    Cool vid concepts unlike these “YouTube viners”

  18. Korine Tulinen says:

    Literally exactly what I need. Please keep this going!

  19. Brianna Moore says:

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  20. MissRuthless says:

    Why the compost bowl vs just throwing the veggies in the trash by hand?

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