15 Months is a short filmed sharing my experience and feelings over the last year and a half.

Original Music by: Ursine Vulpine

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  1. Nubbz3 says:


  2. RTGame says:

    Sean’s gonna be in a movie later this year, but before that he’s made his own

  3. mikeyxoxo says:

    This gives off INSIDE vibes. I can tell that you’ve used some of Bo Burnhams filming techniques like slowly zooming in the room making it seem smaller to giving a sense of anxiety is in the room and using the light form phone and computers to fill a room instead of using studio lighting , and projecting what you see onto the walls and your face showing us what you see daily. And like INSIDE and 15 Months at the end of both show the main character being able to go outside once the filming is done. And Zooming into the camera as-well showing us what you see to entertain us. But Please Sean if you need a break please take one. Learn from other peoples Mistakes and don’t hurt yourself with trying to entertain us we can find other ways to entertain our-self’s.

  4. RandomPerson says:

    Goddamn. This was a masterpiece. The last scene was brilliant. A still shot of the camera, facing us the viewers, recording. A turn of tables. A taste of our own power as the audience by being the one that’s the subject of attention- of scrutiny- for once. Just as you had been in every recording youve done. A short, yet uncomfortably long, time in your shoes

  5. Podcastage says:

    This was excellent Sean. The last shot hit hardest, gave me creepy vibes of “do you even exist if the camera’s not on”. Truly impressed bro.

    • tombenmoon says:

      @Ethan Garrison I do. This entire plot is a rip off. And there are some identical shots. Its a clear a rip off I’ve ever seen

    • masterpig5 S says:


    • L. Luka says:

      @tombenmoon Do you bitch about any two things being similar and call it a “rip off”? If that’s the case then half the movies that exist are rip offs. Go cry in a corner somewhere else and let the ppl who care about sean chat.

    • C4rt00n B0y says:

      @tombenmoon man, screw you. I wont be surprised if you are the kind of person who calls terraria a 2D rip off of Minecraft, and I cant even imagine of what you think about hytale.

    • Noopez says:

      @tombenmoon any askers?

  6. Prodigy Revel says:

    I love that jacks taking his time. Hes one youtuber ill always respect, thats why I continue to watch him. Hes an inspiration. Hes the best of all of us.

    Btw this was greatly filmed jack is amazing. Get better

  7. Drae says:

    Man, I felt so much of this, you often don’t see the difficult side of this life path and you showcased so many of the dark emotions perfectly. Beautifully done Seán this was pure art.

    • Jasai Smith-mencia says:

      holy shiiiiiii it’s dre

    • Kailey Lanoie says:

      @Precision Gaming exactly. Seán made this to show so many dark aspects of his life, and someone comments to support him. It’s very disrespectful to completley ignore it.

    • Garfield says:

      @Kailey Lanoie yes, and most of the true friends and fans stay here and stand to support him, while others completely ignore it and are only here for the gameplay and commentary. Seán should do what he wants but comes with the consequences of the internet.

    • Zachary Martens says:

      @Precision Gaming bruv he meant he is suggesting it not freakin forcing him dude chill

    • Zachary Martens says:

      comments can be whatever the heck they want to be, and yes they still have to be supportive for sean but 1 mesley comment out 33,500 other comments

  8. Keifer Pankey says:

    Jack: **depressed**
    Everybody: **Supports him and sends love**

  9. sixela _54 says:

    The beginning was giving me “Sean could be in a music video” vibes, than after that I was like “🥺I hope he’s doing ok”

  10. WasohmTV says:

    everybody gangster till Jacksepticeye doesn’t drink his own coffee.

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