15 Remarkable Secrets in Elden Ring!

15 Remarkable Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 Burial Crows
01:03 Traveling Merchants
02:12 Secret Godskin Ability
04:17 Flying Skellies
04:29 Crystal Tears are a Berserk Reference
05:00 This Dog is Friendly
05:23 Roar Medallion Buffed
05:56 Yulia is in Elden Ring
06:49 These Enemies are Strange…
08:23 More Shadow of the Erdtree Secrets
10:02 Siluria is Sad
11:01 Bell Bearings (again)
11:37 Quella, god of dream
14:29 Albinaurics are at the Haligtree
16:03 Loretta was once the Arbor Sentinels

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►Ballpark Tragedy
►Hunter’s Dream
►Crumbling Farum Azula
►What We Used to Know
►Miquella’s Haligtree
►Before a Journey

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37 Responses

  1. Lumpy Touch says:

    It’s so impressive how deep the Elden Ring rabbit hole goes
    Between the cut content and the little lore threads, there’s just endless things to learn
    Thanks for unravelling this stuff!

    • MemoryMori says:

      Yes, indeeeeeeeeeeeed.
      I remember, that I started with games in the RPG genre, becouse of nice storyteling/ lore. And then we get some games like AssasinCreed 2, bioshock, Dishonored, Prey, Dragon Age, Mass Effect….those were games that we remembered, becouse of a great story. not saying every Call of Duty game is boring or a lesser product.

      And then I discovered FROMSOFT in 2021…..never was the same since then… the details, the nuances, the deep love and storytelling…

      Keep save traveler, and dont you dare go Hollow o/

    • Eli LaMort says:

      I think I just figured something out watching this.. miqulla… He’s killed godwyn.. godwyn ended the great dragon and I bet they put him to sleep to be able to hold him in place to crave the rune of death into him

    • One Star Rating says:

      The Golden Order is The Council of Nicea

    • Dave TheScrub says:

      ​@Hippie was taken you’re here too, aren’t you?

    • granthefato says:

      love this guy

  2. Typh Onyx says:

    Do you think maybe a big reason that the Caria and Haligtree connections were removed was because of timeline shenanigans? Like, how could Radagon still be gifting things on Caria’s behalf to his own son Miquella, when to sire Miquella he must have already left Rennala?

  3. Kelevra says:

    Another detail about the unique Omen and nobles potentially aligned with Fia and Godwyn: they’re positioned almost directly on top of Godwyn’s underground location. If you look at the map and view both the underground and the overworld, you can see that the death root infected minor Erdtree is directly above where Godwyn is buried far below.

  4. Alex Berta says:

    Vaati! I’m certain some people already know of this, but you might not. The crucible knights’ names Ordovis and Siluria are direct inspirations from Ages of the very Earth as a planet itself. (As in, pulled from soil samples) Specifically these two names have been pulled from the Paleozolic era, where there are 7 smaller eras: Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian and Permian. Maybe, just maybe, the other 14 of the unnamed Crucible Knights of Godfrey were also named after ages of the earth?

  5. Magheeta says:

    I had a look at the swedish royal castle armory last week and found the cleanrot spear just chilling behind glass, kind of cool. I mean it was almost an exact copy except for the handle.

    • TeMana says:

      Fromsoft really loves taking inspirations, and sometimes 1:1 copying, real life arms and armor which makes them incredibly based

  6. Gaming Popular says:

    The fact this game has been out for a year and we are still learning about details like this is a testament to From Software’s immense worldbuilding skills

    • Makenai Yomi says:

      @B I think this is one of the big strenghts of this game. If you aren’t interested in the story and just want to play the game, you can do it. Or if you’re familiar with it and just want to do another run, you don’t have to click through a lot of text an scenes to do so.
      This adds fastly to it’s replay value because it won’t give the players thoughts like “Oh no I have to go through that again to play”.

    • Tom M says:

      People are still finding secrets like these for Dark Souls 1, we still have a lot to discover

    • B says:

      @Gaming Popular for sure. Vaati videos also just got me to read more item descriptions & such. A lot of info is just shoved in there rather blatantly & can be easier to put together. While most other games would typically put that info in log files or something similar, I like that FromSoft puts it into items, weapons, & armors you’ll actually use. It makes every little thing you use feel more meaningful when there’s some kind of history behind it.

    • Gaming Popular says:

      @B  exactly; the details are just in the forefront enough that you are aware of some of the details subconsciously – then you watch THE GOAT Vatiividya explain the whole picture and you’re just like “…oooooooooooooh 😯”

    • B says:

      The fact that all this is put in the background to the point where you could ignore all of it barring some mainline cutscenes is what’s really amazing. Each player can dip their toes as shallow or deeply as they like & I really think that adds to the personal aspect their lore tends to take. If you want to understand or know more, you have to actually have to seek it out vs having a narrative spoonfed to you.

  7. CaliberKat says:

    16:55 If Miquella was born for Radagon to gift him those Royal Knights, doesn’t that mean that Radagon was separated from Rennalla at the time?

    • James Baker says:

      This was also my question, I’ve never seen anything to suggest that there was an overlap with Rennalla and Marika

    • Cozarooni says:

      I was confused on that as well, cause Radagon is definitely stated to be his father, and this makes even less sense as the sentinels were gifted after the creation of the Haligtree, which would be even later in the timeline right?

    • NeonSherpa says:

      Yeah for that timeline to workout Radagon has to be having an affair (with himself) while married to Rennala.

    • CarelessVagabond says:

      I think Radagon was just being a hoe or his other personality (Marika) had him get with Renala after they had Miquella and Malania. Just my thoughts on it tho.

    • 86fifty says:

      Thanks for posting this, that was my question. I thought Miquella and Malenia were the children of Radagon and Marika, and part of why they were kinda messed up was as a consequence of the fact that those are the same ppl.
      Radagon is mentioned as educating Miquella in other item descriptions, so I knew HE was Miquella’s father… but I’d forgotten who was the mother. Marika doesn’t really have much to do with raising or helping her kids, does she… :/ Too busy being god, i guess!

  8. Rylan Woodrow says:

    Regarding the reoccurring theme of boys and their trees from Elden Ring and DS2, your lore video on DS3 also speculated on the relationship between the lonely boy that would become Sulyvahn and the ghastly, murmuring tree that may have been calling out for him in the Painted World.

  9. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I just noticed that Siluria’s Weapon bears a striking resemblance to Ornstein’s Lance. The blade gets wrapped up in the bark that gradually leads to the thorns and barbs, but I’m pretty certain of what I saw

  10. ShanalFunLand says:

    Regarding the fias followers secret, there’s an omen inna certain heros grave that can also cast fias mist. I believe he is sitting in front of a statue of some sort, could have a deeper meaning

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