15-Year-Old Florida Shooting Victim Peter Wang Buried With Military Honors

15-Year-Old Florida Shooting Victim Peter Wang Buried With Military Honors

There was an emotional scene Tuesday at the funeral for a heroic student who was killed as he held the doors open for fellow classmates during last week’s shooting in Parkland, Florida. An online petition called for 15-year-old Peter Wang, a Junior ROTC cadet, to be given full military honors at his funeral. The U.S. Army announced it was awarding the teenager a Medal Of Heroism for his valor, along with two other Junior ROTC cadets killed in the massacre.

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64 Responses

  1. Luke Wolffs says:

    Ima miss you Peter 🙏🏼😭

  2. Badass Strike Eagle says:

    People have no respect commenting 1st and 2nd…

  3. Keeley Grace says:


  4. Franco Yauri says:

    Rip Wang

  5. Blair Stevens says:

    Poor kids what has the world turned to? Rest In Peace

  6. Ichigo Kurosakii says:

    Hipe you’re in a better place now

    Edit: hope

  7. Camryn Brandow says:

    Gave me the chills


    A true hero. I take my hat off for this brave young man!

  9. LovelyAshley says:

    So sad..

  10. James Dooling says:

    The saving of even a single life by giving so selflessly makes this boy a hero.

  11. Amy Hefner says:

    He deserves to rest in peace. He did a brave and selfless thing that most wouldn’t do. RIP hero. ♥

  12. Chackobrack says:

    He was raised well

  13. mssnowbunnie26 says:

    Bless his soul. What an amazing young man. Why oh why did he at his young age have to be put in such a position? What courage he displayed. I’m sure his family is heartbroken and proud at the same time. This is so senseless

  14. lu sun says:

    9 dislike…some one heartless

  15. quickzilver3333 says:

    Brave young man. He would have been a great Soldier. As a US Army Veteran I have witnessed Heroism in Combat but not like this. A young man risk his life to save others. I salute you Peter!

    • Tropic Cookie says:

      quickzilver3333 a army veteran more like an Air Force veteran with brains like ur not gonna become a grunt on the battlefield

  16. Ian Teohead says:

    Who ever disliked the video need to rethink their life

    • Tanki Online says:

      I did, and uhh…..
      nothing’s changed

    • JUJU FARI says:

      Is is immoral to dislike a video?

    • melo tlapechco says:

      Ian Teohead it’s wrong to burry someone with military honors if he never served. He was a brave kid because of his morals not because of JROTC. He didn’t sacrifice anything to be in there. The public needs to rethink their life and see that just cause he was in JROTC doesn’t mean he served the country he didnt raise his right hand to defend the constitution. If he could’ve he probably would’ve but he thought about other before himself. One thing they teach in the Marine Corp one thing i learned with all my brothers in arms. You can’t say that he was the same as us or close because we sacrifice our lives everyday.

  17. Jacob Rowland says:

    Me being an Air Force Junior ROTC cadet, I feel terribly bad for the loss of a fellow cadet. Even though he isn’t in my flight or branch of JROTC, I personally respect all cadets, regardless of branch. Just seeing someone like him going to the other side breaks my heart. He does deserve that Medal of Heroism. Rest in peace, cadet. You deserve an honorary salute from me.

    Cadet Airman Jacob Rowland
    TCHS AFJROTC Det. GA-20055

  18. Chikito torrez says:

    Rip Mr. Wang you served your country well.

  19. FIREDRAGON JEN says:

    You mean thr same military that uses GUNS?
    (So sad he died, rip)

  20. _ScrypTic_ says:

    *”Legends never die…”*

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