$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

$150 Bed Vs. $159,000 Bed

“What kind of pajamas are you rockin’?”

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59 Responses

  1. Jay Gatsby says:

    They’re getting paid to sleep …. my literal dream

  2. BoosterRooster says:

    Damn, that’s Lil Tay’s bed.

  3. Hana Riaz says:

    All the three directors for the bed companies look very handsome!!!

  4. Judit Nagy says:

    Buzzfeed just created a new ship

  5. Hannah Collinson says:

    12:05 “cAn yOU fEEL iT MR KRabs?”

  6. Lonelyheartsclub says:

    All the guys selling the beds were fine as hell

  7. Jesper Bødtker Henriksen says:

    Who else lays in their shity bed watching this video

  8. Jiwoo Yoon says:

    “I’m now Keith”
    “and now you’re baby Keith”

  9. venom5809 says:

    I bought the most expensive Select Comfort/Sleep Number bed years ago and I really am glad I did, it was worth the money, however it is still a fraction of the cost of a Haastens, I have always wanted to try one of those, they are supposed to be amazing. My next bed though I want one that can be heated and cooled like the middle bed.

  10. weonlypassthiswaybutonce says:

    “Until the late middle ages in Europe, people would often eat their meals in bed” and here I am 500 odd years later carrying on the tradition

  11. Lydia tea says:

    steven lim officially has the best job in the business. he travels the world eating great food, stays in great hotels, great beds, great everything. i strive to be steven.

  12. K Lover says:

    *Andrew is lowkey jealous*

  13. krisisnkaos says:

    I know something that Swede can help me with… 😘

  14. Aesthetic Boi says:

    Steven the whole time: no homo

    Zack the whole time: all the homo!

  15. Bella Curcio says:

    I’m watching this sitting on the blankets on the floor of my new apartment that I’ve been sleeping on for 26 nights.

  16. Sojansetly says:

    “Put some damn clothes on.”

  17. Isagail says:

    But how do you…get down and dirty in a hammock?

  18. Cloud of Reverie says:

    All the guys that represented the different beds are hot af.

  19. Harleen F. Quinzel says:

    im shipping them so hard please help me

  20. Marj Echevaréz says:

    “But the true metal of a bed can only be tested with a partner”
    “Have you been waiting this entire episode to cuddle with me?”
    “Yeah!” 😂

    Hahaha i love zach. I totally ship them 😆

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