15,000MPH Colliding Explosions in Super Slow Motion – The Slow Mo guys

15,000MPH Colliding Explosions in Super Slow Motion – The Slow Mo guys

Gav and Dan are back at the Colorado School of Mines to film two shaped charges charge at each other at millions of frames per second.
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Info on the Colorado School of Mines:
The Colorado School of Mines has been shaping the future of energy, mineral resources and space exploration for 150 years. Partnering with private industry and government, Mines is one of only a few institutions in the world with broad expertise in explosives education and research. Students here are gaining hands-on experience learning to find, develop, and process the world’s natural resources. Find out more here – https://www.mines.edu
Big thanks to Dr Eliasson, Grace, Linden and team for making this video possible.

Filmed with Phantom VEO 4K, TMX7510 and Shimadzu HPV-X2
15,000MPH Colliding Explosions in Super Slow Motion – The Slow Mo guys

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27 Responses

  1. @theslowmoguys says:

    Ending the year with a bang. Thanks to everyone who watched and subscribed in 2023!

    You can check out Opera here:

  2. @TheCrunchyGum says:

    15:46 the superimposed video was very helpful in visualization… probably was hard to get the angle right to do that but these few seconds were very beneficial

  3. @user-gt2bk6vd7r says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed Colorado! Im sure SOM was glad to have you!!! Cheers fellas!!

  4. @Quazlyy says:

    This is one of the most consistently interesting, well-produced and educational channels ever! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come and how beautiful your shots are. Thanks for staying true to the original values of the channel and for producing such amazing content! I’m curious to see what you’ll create in 2024!

  5. @REIDiculous64 says:

    The 2 million fps shot looks like comets traveling through space. One of the coolest looking videos you’ve done in a while!

  6. @Alex-vr8gw says:

    You two are the continued legacy of Mythbusters. Educational and explosions.

  7. @MaxxD says:

    Every time I think you can’t possibly film anything more mental, you supersede yourselves. Incredible footage.

  8. @nicotron1 says:

    Not only was this incredibly fascinating for us, I’m almost certain that everyone at the school was thrilled to see something that most likely no other human has ever seen about a tool that they study, and practice with every day! Thank you very much, guys.

  9. @marsrocks247 says:

    SUPREME editing. So DOPE to see the different shots laying over eachother.

  10. @philsey6913 says:

    Thank you Colorado School of Mining for allowing the guys to do all this wonderful stuff!

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