$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2

$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2

Worth It hosts a potluck! A three part series celebrating holiday food traditions and friends. Part 2: The Desserts. Featuring Google Assistant.

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53 Responses


    Spending $192 on holiday desserts is totally worth it.

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Our queen Rie is here. Long live the queen

  3. Harshil Patel says:

    Now that’s one way of impressing your family during the holidays ?

  4. danz beard says:

    The desserts are worth more than my life!!!

  5. Darshana Sarmah says:

    Rie looks gorgeous in the thumbnail.

  6. Lamia Tabassum Lamu says:

    I’m really liking how the *Worth It Series* shows the cooking processes comprehensively. ?

  7. Aswin Prasetyo says:

    4:41 is when queen Rie demonstrates her slayness but still stays true to her cuteness afterwards <3

  8. Lamia Tabassum Lamu says:

    9:12 NOW THAT’s 8 levels of *silent pain* featuring the wasabi. Yikes! ?

  9. Jerrett Wright says:

    I’m a simple man, Rie is in the thumbnail looking great as usual, I click like

  10. Sealed CXIII says:

    When Rie laughed while posing my heart MELTED

  11. mralohadog says:

    How was the salted chocolate pie with pretzel crust??

    • Catherine Slater says:

      They probably crushed pretzels then added some other items like melted chocolate to form a crumble. Then they pressed the crumble into the pie pan to form a crust.

    • Toad Day Get Toad says:

      Catherine Slater I think they were asking how it tasted…I was kind of disappointed they didn’t sample it (or at least comment on it) as well.

    • Catherine Slater says:

      +Toad Day Get Toad Ah, I read it “How was the salted chocolate pie (made) with (a) pretzel crust??” Thanks for clarifying.

    • AksentNetharia says:

      Maybe they’ll eat it during the actual potluck?

    • M4B 47 says:

      +Catherine Slater Yeah, I don’t think the original statement needed clarification. You made assumptions (adding words to a sentence that weren’t there originally). No big deal, everyone misreads things from time to time. But, your comment implies that the original comment was confusing or worded in such a way that multiple interpretations were possible. It wasn’t.

  12. Parth Sankhe says:

    This is legit the best series on YouTube hands down, I never realise how quickly those 10 minutes go by.

  13. John Dennis says:

    @04:41 Rie startled me! I thought it was a photo ???

  14. Epic Tien says:

    “Thank you for doing the potluck with us”
    “Oh yeah thank you for having me”
    *_high fives go around_*

  15. polarweiß says:

    nice to know that i cant afford pie lol

  16. Gia Cap says:

    I would pick Rie’s $25 dessert over those $42 pies any day. Looks really good!

  17. Brendan Matelan says:

    The Queen, the Legend, the Tasty Mother, Rie. With her two sidekicks Andrew and Steven.

  18. DavidParody says:

    I can’t afford any of this… spent it all on Fortnite

  19. Mark Mallecoccio says:

    I love that Rie didn’t need help, and they could have just sat and watched her make it and asked their questions, but she got them involved. Obviously, there are scripted elements to the segment, but it’s still pretty adorable. Long live Queen Rie!

  20. maij32 says:

    Rie is awesome! Not only is she super cute she also has great culinary skills!

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