1989 World Tour LIVE Trailer

1989 World Tour LIVE Trailer

I have a little surprise for you. #1989WorldTourLIVE Apple Music​

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20 Responses

  1. Sierra F says:

    Omg I am super excited for this and I loved her concert in Seattle ?it was

  2. kat belle says:

    I was at that concert omg I’m crying watching this right now, thank you
    Taylor for an incredible night xxxx

  3. Kevinn Galindo says:

    For all these idiots here you can sign up for Apple Music and get it for
    free 3 month and before the third month is over just cancel and that it why
    can’t all of you use your brain

  4. Sophia B says:


  5. Valeria Hernandez says:

    Happy birthday taylor

  6. Elena Lirity says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor !!!! Love you

  7. Gehna Anand says:

    omg!!!! soooo damn excited for this!!! tysm Taylor for dis wonderful
    surprise ?? happy birthday !!!!???

  8. Crazyllama1 says:

    Can’t wait! Happy Birthday Taylor :D

  9. Alisa Farha says:


  10. Fullmetal Heart says:

    I really don’t want to watch this on apple music. I don’t want apple music.
    I want nothing to do with apple music. Anyone know if this will get
    released to DVD like speak now live later? Putting it on streaming only is
    criminal (and so apple).

  11. Kid Remix says:

    Look up my channel…I rap

  12. Trisha Galapon says:

    I’m sooooo sooo excited for this!!! I’m soo ready to die after watching
    this… I love you so so sos so much Taylor!!!! Happy 26th
    birthday!!!!!!!!! ????????????

  13. María Isabrl Martínez Castillo says:

    Love you taytay happy birthday tay I alway wish that you come to
    latinoamerica i love you

  14. HeyAlexa :3 says:

    Only 55k views?! This deserves more views!! And kinda teared up a bit!! Is
    it weird?

  15. zgirl brooks says:

    PUMPED FOR THIS! But why does it have to be ONLY on Apple Music? Make it
    available for EVERYONE some of us can’t afford Apple Music and/or don’t
    want it.

  16. ordonez MMKSKAB says:

    I love Taylor so much

  17. LienLoo says:

    In summary:
    1. You don’t need to own Apple products to get Apple Music, iTunes can be
    downloaded for PC and Apple Music can be accessed from there.
    2. Apple Music offers a free 3 month trial, this movie will be available
    with the free trial as well as access to the rest of the library. For 3
    months, for free, you can watch this over and over. Turn off the
    auto-renewal setting if you’re worried about forgetting to cancel your
    account and getting charged.
    3. We’re lucky this is out next week, though on streaming, because the
    recorded show for the main footage of this movie took place last week.
    There wouldn’t even be time to produce the physical copies. If it weren’t
    for this, it would be months till we got to experience the tour movie. And
    don’t get me started on what countries the physicsal copies wouldn’t be for
    sale in.
    4. Producing tour movies is expensive and takes A LOT of time. From the
    gear to the editing to the developing to the rights (imagine, especially
    with all the guest performances!)… a lot of money. If they released it
    only months from now when Taylor has been on her well-deserved break out of
    the spotlight, it would be a risk. There is still a chance we will see this
    on DVD months from now when they’ve had the time to cut it together for DVD
    and have the numbers regarding demand from this Apple Music situation.
    5. Should a DVD appear, it will probably contain less footage than what
    this streaming situation will offer. I don’t know how they would fit all
    the promised included footage of all those guests as well as rehearsals and
    backstage/bts footage onto a DVD disk at a reasonable price and in a handy

    So yeah this Apple Music thing is not ideal and feels a bit exclusive and
    forced, and owning a physical copy is always preferable.. but it’s not the

  18. Abhishek Shere says:

    I dnt have iPhone , I prefer using nexus device zz

    hope a physical copy will release soon or else there is no other option
    then to use torrent

  19. Amanda Corinne says:

    why isn’t this being put on on dvd? it would make much more profit.

  20. princess says:

    Legit TEARS