I really hope your dreams come true, please allow yourself to realize them.

Directed by Kevin Abstract
Assistant Director – Milos Mihajlov
DP – Ashlan Grey
Edit & Color – Henock Sileshi
Producer – Kevin Doan
Styling – Jaden Walker
Props – Weston Freas


Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/97DIANA/applemusic
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/97DIANA/spotify

Filmed in Los Angeles, CA


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65 Responses

  1. LyricalGenes says:

    *Keep it up!*

  2. Kevin Barone says:

    1999 wildfire for wildfire:feel the heat, a movie released in 1999 depicting the intensity of wildfires which was frequently and very recently a problem in california. Also wildfire is the name of a popular deck build in magic:the gathering, which alludes to joba’s verse.

    1998 truman refers to The Truman Show, released in 1998, starring jim carrey as a character that unknowingly is the star of a reality tv show about his entire life. This alludes to how brockhampton is now becoming very popular and is constantly being filmed by the people around them, being put on stage. The beginning of the song ties this in with audio speaking about how you are being controlled and manipulated by outside sources just like jim carrey’s character.

    1997 refers to the death of princess diana which occurred in…you guessed it…1997. I dont know alot about her but she was the princess of wales and was basically a household name, so when she died in a car accident in august of 1997, it was a tragedy for many.

    1994 tonya refers to the US figure skater, Tonya Harding, who “In January 1994, Harding became embroiled in controversy when her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated an attack on fellow US Olympian Nancy Kerrigan. After the 1994 Lillehammer Games had ended, Harding ultimately pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution and was banned for life on June 30, 1994” (from wiki)

    So i think the general idea behind the album “the best days of our lives” is that it refers to the 90’s, in which the members of brockhampton grew up in and is often referred to as a great time due to the rise of tech and blah blah blah. But i think what theyre trying to do here is bring up a person/movie from each year that people associate with the 90’s and think “oh yeah i remember that. That was cool” but once you think more deeply about these things, you also see the negative sides of them, such as the wildfires of today, the cameras always on us, the tragic death of a beloved woman, and the downfall of a famous US athlete. So the best days can also be the worst days, but you always remember the good stuff more.

  3. A-Mei-Zing A says:

    1. Truman
    2. Tonya
    3. Diana
    4. Wildfire

  4. edgyemoemi says:

    Romil’s part in this spoke VOLUMES

  5. Felix’s Freckles says:

    can i marry matt?

  6. TheSCRibbLEZs says:

    okay but can we talk about how everyone is jumping around acting crazy and bearface is just sitting down chilling lol

  7. Wamu Sylvester says:

    Honestly because of the title I thought it was going to be a sad song. But nah,it was lit🔥🔥🔥

  8. HellaHoes says:

    brock and tyler are up to something uploading all this gold dude my tummy feels weird

  9. JetPackGuy says:

    two new tyler the creator tracks and new brockhampton…
    *is this real life?*

  10. kayland says:

    So this is what goes on in the boys locker room

  11. Ben Schmie. says:

    I can’t believe they included a burp lol.

  12. tiqachu says:

    so this why they wanted them muscular boys

  13. tacobox25 says:

    I wanted this for awhile, a song where they go back and forth with verses instead of the usual one verse per member. I love this!!

  14. James Blackmon says:

    Did anyone else see Kevins boyfriend pop for that quick kiss lol😅

  15. NickRejoice says:

    It’s a me, Your Trusty Translator!
    *My name is Milos Mihajlov. I was before/at the end of the road.*

    Have an awesome day! ❤️
    Starting fanpage soon lol
    *Enjoy this life, my friends!*

  16. Bombshock / 10.000 Subs says:

    These guys ain’t stopping any time soon.


  17. P F / Dad Reacts says:

    This made my grandmama cry

  18. Haider Hasan says:

    Bangers after bangers Brockhampton ain’t stoppin’ bruh 💥💥

  19. kyoto graphic says:


  20. kyoto graphic says:

    Honestly if the best years of our lives was switched with SAT 1, nobody would be complaining about bad music. People might have complained about saturation dropping after due to the drop in song content and quality. But really I feel like people are mostly complaining because this is a different step — they dropped ameer and have to resort to more melancholy and hype feels. This also sets unrealistic expectations for them because a lot of people remember saturation through memories they created while listening to it, and this hasn’t really had the chance.

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