1v1 Against 7’0 Freshman Jahzare Jackson!

1v1 Against 7’0 Freshman Jahzare Jackson!

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Pre-Workout I Use…GG!!
I receive commission from purchases made through this link:
Use code CASH for 10% off your order!

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66 Responses

  1. Pablo Cardoso says:

    Cash: “this right here is for him tho”
    (attempt to dunk and gets hung)
    Jahzare: leaves the gym 😂😂

  2. Demar Derozan is HOT says:

    Flights gonna come to the chat and be like hE iS uSiNg A cOnTrOlLeR

  3. Randy Lopez says:

    Jah looks like he hooping cause everyone around him tells him he should, not cause he actually wants to

  4. Chidori blackflare says:

    You can’t ever knock Cash on his defense, man stand his ground against everybody

  5. Yeet Kobe81 says:

    Everyone been talking about June flight what about June cash

  6. fredk says:

    This is like Flight playing that 10 year old but in reverse

  7. Robert Harris says:

    If cash doesn’t play with his food and try to always finish with a 3 he would have way more wins but he overall good player

  8. SkullSøul Productions says:

    Cash: If I WaS A GirL I BE OvER U

  9. Marcus is Bored says:

    OUT Cash: 1v1 Against 7’0 freshman

  10. Johan 69 says:

    Flight: 1v1 against a 10 year old
    Cash: 1v1 again a 7’ freshman

  11. Jay money says:

    Cash: if i was a girl…😂😂😂

  12. CashNasty says:

    I beat him 8-0..and I’m not even a hooper hooper..

  13. Jaisuraj Kaleeswaran says:

    I lowkey thought Cash was gonna win after the 4 threes.

  14. Connor Johanson says:

    Cash to flight: “you can’t have two highlights in a row. Every time you make a good move you miss the next one”. Also Cash in this video: *makes a 3 then bricks or airballs the next 4 times*

  15. William Parkes says:

    Props to Jah for actually trying to make this more interesting by not actually only posting up

  16. jalen ledbetter says:

    “I’m not even a hooper hooper , I’m just a HOOPER” 😂😂

  17. Furious Goatified says:

    The man Jahzare lowkey did not try, i say this because hes missing close lays and Cash is too small for him

  18. FLORIDA BOI PUMP says:

    Cash finally played somebody that’s 10x bigger than him

  19. Yaseen Abuali says:

    Inspirational quotes this month
    Flight: It’s juuuuuuuuunnne
    Cash: I’m just a hooper not a hooper hooper

  20. Limitless Xpert says:

    not gonna make it to the nba with that fitness, looks like he doesn’t like basketball for some reason 😂

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