1V1 Against Brawadis!

1V1 Against Brawadis!

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69 Responses

  1. Jack Thompson says:


    Flight: WItNeSS hOW I aM acTUAlLy SaViNg My KnEE

  2. Caden G4 says:

    Damn Flight gotta stop smoking all that weed so he can get his cardio up

  3. Go Buccaneers says:

    This actually isn’t flight’s final form just wait till July that’s a whole other demon

  4. Ra3jay says:

    Flight: look at curry man
    Curry: look at flight man

  5. Damon Montecalvo says:

    Flights trainer needs to train him on shot selection

  6. Jay Meyers says:


    MikeyInTheBack: I’ll buss all y’all ass doe

  7. Random User says:

    Let’s just appreciate the fact that flight actually did this and tried to improve in june

  8. Daniel Kassorla says:

    This man need to get HOF handles for days… he got the stamina of a 90 y/o

  9. Lancey says:

    Y’all think flight should go against his trainer ? I think he should

  10. FunkyDemonCat says:

    *Flight, you gotta work on 2 things:*
    – Your stamina
    – Your footwork
    To work on those things you gotta buy a jump rope and an agility ladder, use them everyday.

  11. Transparent_Sun0 YT says:

    What I love about fight is that he doesn’t care what everyone else says. The other people watching are laughing and flight doesn’t care. (Which is good). He has so much confidence, and never lets anyone judge him. Good job my man!

  12. Shyne Omar says:

    2:34 flight did that “so this is me, your probably wondering how I got here”

  13. Angel Rodriguez says:

    Quit clownin his cardio. He played 8 games before this, cameras just weren’t on😤

  14. David Scichilone says:

    23:00 Warriors won their 1st year in the finals and they didn’t have a three peat

  15. Carlos G says:

    He’s always hyping up his stamina…🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. Justin Ramirez says:

    Damn flight made it a close game without taking his shirt off to summon the demon🔥🔥

  17. MM DH says:

    Brawadis fan base after L: :#!$&:(
    Flight fan base after L: You Got this your improving

  18. David Gil says:

    Fight got his Gatorade symbol the moment he picked up the ball 😭

  19. 500 Subs with 1 video Challenge says:

    This is how many people want to see The “Flight 🆚 Cash” 1v1 Rematch


  20. Tillman Clements says:

    Flight: got his ankles broken

    Also flight: I was saving my knee…

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