1V1 AGAINST Mikey Williams!

1V1 AGAINST Mikey Williams!

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65 Responses

  1. Mirik says:

    Mikey is a smart guy for playing 1v1 against Flight before June.

  2. KeniceDior _NYC says:

    Ima let him slide for this one only cuz it’s not June yet😂💀

  3. Alex Gore says:

    Flight: “That’s why Mikey pulled up because I was tired any other day he woulda pulled up it’s game over
    Mikey: 🤔

  4. REYNALDO DIAZ says:

    “You’re not curry.”
    “I took that personally.”

  5. Asra Videos says:

    I think Flight needs to gain muscles and play against people like Mikey so he can be better at playing people like that.

    • IMMORTAL_Toxic_X says:

      I don’t even play basketball like that but I feel like I could beat Flight

    • IMMORTAL_Toxic_X says:

      But low key mans need to get his shit right he didn’t pay for a coach for nothing come on Flight

    • King Trizzy says:

      @Brayden Moore no bro gettin abused by Mikey and other better players is not going to get him better.My man is the best youtuber on tha planet but he doesn’t progess. He hired an NBA trainer and Lost everything he learned in this 1v1.

    • jalen 2 says:

      Mikey wasn’t even serious but flight still lost terribly ion think putting him against sumone against mikey is good for improvement cuz if he tried it would have been 30 – zip

    • misha murdoch says:

      @King Trizzy I know a few but they are 10 and 11 but they have better stamina

  6. Yvng Frog says:

    5:07 the guy in the booth 😂😂💀💀

  7. 23z 2Ez says:

    14:05 basically sums up how the game went

  8. on jah? says:

    “acl, mcl, rcl, dont matter. after june we ain’t taking an L”

    • Vincent Giagni says:

      on jah? U actin like Mikey a normal freshman and not the #1 kid in the class of 2023

    • IshThaKidd 13 says:

      on jah? This how you know fLight the definition of All Talk and No Action…. He soft asf letting Mikey just push him around

    • KhiADifferentBreed says:

      IshThaKidd 13 first off its flight and mikey is a high school FRESHMAN probably weighing more than flight. And mikey still got 3 years left to get bigger🤷🏾‍♂️.

    • KELL HILARIOUS says:

      Vincent Giagni mikey plays against fat hispanic kids and lil skinny white boys so he stands out but put him a montverde or img he aint doing shit

  9. MXP says:

    Bro I had to turn it off at 14:07 😭😩 I couldn’t watch anymore. That was literally a wide open layup. Thankfully for Mikey and everyone else’s sake. It ain’t June yet but sheesh. 👀

  10. Payton R. says:

    Mikey voice deep as hell 😂😂😂

  11. KB productions says:

    *flight learns basics for a few days*
    flight: Im a God its almost june
    also flight: some how tosses everything he was taught out the window and some how got worse looool

    • Zenigundam says:

      This matchup isn’t even fair. Flight makes him look like Kobe. My first time seeing a Flight video and he plays like every nerd I’ve seen in my life try to make the team because some video game or anime made them believe they could do anything.

    • Neji Blaze says:

      dxnim not funny but it’s fax

    • cracked u1trx says:

      Nah he kinda got a lil better get this 15 year old is just good get him to play McQueen or cash he will probably play better

    • KC says:

      fax i felt embarrassed for him but it shows you that you cant turn good after only 3 sessions its gotta be a lifestyle

    • JJ Clark says:

      @cracked u1trx He wasn’t even really trying against Flight

  12. Treyton Cox says:

    7:14 mikey just stands there on defense 😂

  13. Unreleased Philly Plug says:

    Flight just threw everything he learned away and went back to his old animations😭😭😂

  14. Éloi Viens says:

    When you thought Fly actually improved…

  15. Tr3y. 005 says:

    June Flight vs Steph Curry
    Who you got
    Like =June Flight
    Comment =Currry man

  16. The Hustler says:

    for the last time, fix his damn jumpshot before teaching him anything else!

  17. JG Crazy gaming says:

    I like how Mikey has a deeper voice than flight

  18. omgSAVI says:

    The video wasn’t in June so it doesn’t count. It was just a warmup😅

  19. Jackson Norton says:

    I love how Mikey is a freshman and he is a grown ass man w/ tats and a Deep ass voice😂

  20. Anonymous FTC says:

    18:37 The moment in history. Early flashes of demon flight in June. Gives me goosebumps man.

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