1v1 Against My Bigger & Stronger Brother! Off White Jordan Sneaker Wager!

1v1 Against My Bigger & Stronger Brother! Off White Jordan Sneaker Wager!

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Pre-Workout I Use GG:
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49 Responses

  1. khoaker says:

    Cash: Whose your favorite son?
    Cash’s Mom: GET THEM SHOES JAY

  2. julien predelus says:

    I’m not the only one who thought cash was playing himself lol

  3. Nabil _13 says:

    Their mom just invented a new producer tag. “get them shoes jay “

  4. Ma Doodle says:

    Cash: wasn’t like this when we were kids
    Cash’s brother: been like this since middle school
    Cash: yea man been like this since middle school

  5. Big Black Chungus says:

    he looks more like cashnasty than cashnasty looks like himself

  6. Zyqo x says:

    Lets just say CashNasty is definitely a “Two-way slashing sharpshooter”😂😂

  7. Uncle Ue says:

    “Get them shoes Jay” would be a fire producer tag

  8. Ballz Squad says:

    Every single comment be like
    Cash’s mom: get them shoes Jay

  9. Martin Ramos says:

    Legend has it till this day she’s still saying “GET THEM SHOES JAY”😂

  10. Scorpion Prince Musiq says:

    Not a soul:
    Cash mom: “get them shoes jay”

    I love games like this, no softies, a lot of contact it’s like watch cash play himself overall just a good game💯

  11. Felice Tudela says:

    Use code : “Get them shoes jay” and get 10% off your next purchase

  12. Karon Scott says:



  13. KBF 26 says:

    That should be a song: 😭💀

    “GET THEM SHOES JAY” -Cash’s Mom

  14. ESL Notyoavrgboy says:


    Their mom: “gEt tHeM sHoEs jAy”

  15. Talented Replay says:

    I can never give cash credit . He’ll make a shot then brick the next 😤 “ if you kno where this line is from then run me my like “

  16. Dailey Ashton says:

    I like how cash’s mom is only cheering for jay. NOBODY: “GET THEM SHOES JAY”

  17. Flip Vert says:


    People in the comment section: “Get them shoes jay”

  18. Midley Maxi says:

    No body:

    Absolutely no one:

    Not even a soul:

    Cashnasty mom: did you get the shoes Jay?

  19. JayIsBrodie 22 says:

    Shoots ball: “GET THEM SHOES JAY:
    Missed shot: “GET THEM SHOES JAY”
    Ball gets stolen: GET THEM SHOES JAY

  20. Jgunz123 says:

    Just think about hearing “GET THEM SHOES JAY” Over Flight’s “Half the Team Hit” Beat 😭😭🤣

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