1v1 Basketball Rematch Against Flight…

1v1 Basketball Rematch Against Flight…

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38 Responses

  1. Steph Chef Curry says:

    Can’t wait to see Cash react to flight reacting to this game 😂

  2. Hooper Hooper says:

    Gotta love flight ✈️ Idc what anybody say 😂😂 Irish spreen green greeen

  3. FireBen31 says:

    Flight in his reaction channel: “He did that football move and I wouldn’t even guard him. I didn’t call a foul because I’m not like that. You know what I’m saying?”

  4. Mascio Baca says:

    Flight is making a lot excuses about his “injury” just to keep ducking Adin Ross!💯💯

  5. Kenny Chao says:

    Wet like water x Irish Spring Green!

  6. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Cant wait for Josh, Cash, and Flight to react to this

  7. Jacob Mena says:

    I like how flight says “Rip Kobe, his daughter, the rest of the passengers, a true tragedy” every time he mentions Kobe Bryant 🥲

  8. Sam Fulton says:

    Great game cash! All love and respect to both of y’all. Absolutely love seeing this matchup 🙏🏻

  9. Rocky Doggy says:

    We need a rematch man the rim was 0.1 mm above 10 ft 😂
    Great game

  10. David Coppin says:

    It’s honestly fascinating how little flights game has developed despite how much he is around the sport of basketball. Like he is unfathomably bad and still manages to look like someone who’s hardly ever picked up a ball even tho he’s made hundreds of IRL videos and watches games and stuff. Like you wouldn’t expect him to be good but you’d think there would be SOME improvement at least by now.

    • Betitothe4th18 says:

      Frrrr even my jumper is cleaner

    • Retro -n-Rees says:

      My guy is trying out every year and not make the practice squad. I do wanna see him in a 5 on 5 though. He might be a little better

    • Kenneth Plays Games says:

      At this point I think he plays like this on purpose. There was an old video he had where he was dunking, dribbling normal, and making shots from all around the floor. He deleted this video after a while because he knew it would expose this

    • Ibrahim Suleman says:

      @Kenneth Plays Games I agree. I’ve told people about this on flights channel.

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