2 Chainz – Rule The World ft. Ariana Grande

2 Chainz – Rule The World ft. Ariana Grande


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Director: Sebastian Sdaigui
Executive Producers: Mildred Delamota & Ryan Huffman
Producer: Brian Bell
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Editor & 2D Compositing: Gianluigi Carella
Production Company: Huffman Creative

Music video by 2 Chainz performing Rule The World. © 2019 Gamebread, LLC, under exclusive license to Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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77 Responses

  1. moonlight bae says:

    ariana’s voice is made for r&b/pop like-

  2. khala shackelford says:

    Why don’t we fall in love sample really compliments this song

  3. Karla Hlr says:

    Why does I feel 2000’s song vibes? And I love this.

  4. What is real will prosper says:

    └? Ariana
    └? Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

  5. What is real will prosper says:

    yea im selling replay buttons…
    They cost a Like Each

  6. Tripti Singh says:

    According to Ariana
    After collecting loot
    Rule the world

  7. What is real will prosper says:

    Played this for my dad. Now he’s my son.

  8. J Cee says:

    One of the weirdest but best anime crossovers

  9. Assassin Official says:

    Before 1 M??
    2 chainz killed it?
    Ari is ❤

  10. the beast says:

    Nice music Video Ariana Grande ist my baby you so beautiful

  11. Maria XG says:

    I love how this samples Why don’t We Fall in love by Amerie ????

    • Keith Worthy says:

      Most ppl dont even know good ear

    • Maria XG says:

      Keith Worthy thank you ?☺️ cuz the background sounded familiar so I was slowly thinking *it might be* then he said “why don’t we” 2:26 then I was like *YUP ISSA A SAMPLED BOP* ?????

  12. Jamie Lockhart. says:

    1:27 I find it hilarious that even in stilettos, Ari’s mike stand doesn’t even reach his shoulder?

  13. Bieber Butera says:

    I’m surprised there’s no swearing in it by 2 Chainz shook sis

  14. Faze Suby says:

    Anyone else here for Ariana to make a full r&b album because this bio is fire ??

  15. Monsher Lima says:

    Twoo Chainz and Queen Ariana Look Fantastic and Song Incredible.

  16. Lahgbda says:

    Best Song??
    Ariana Grande, 2 Chainz *LIKE*
    MC Smook – Veganius *COMMENT*

  17. blossom life says:

    Ariana fans here before one million

    Hit the like button

  18. feelin froggy says:

    Sounds like some 90’s early 2000s stuff. Shit is hard ariana sounds bomb on this track!!

  19. Lele Leleee says:

    Lets be honest the majority of us are only listening to this because of ariana?

  20. Doctor Yizzle says:

    the versatility of ariana is amazing and chainz killed it like always. man, cant wait till i meet them both one day as a musician.

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