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Led by D’Angelo Russell’s playoff career-high 31 points and 5 3pt. FG, the No. 7 seed Los Angeles Lakers defeat the No. 2 seed Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6, 125-85. LeBron James (22 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists) and Anthony Davis (16 points, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks) added a combined 38 points in the victory, while Desmond Bane tallied 15 points and 5 rebounds for the Grizzlies. After closing out this best-of-seven series, 4-2, the Lakers now advance to the Western Conference Semifinals where they will face the winner of Kings-Warriors.

The Los Angeles Lakers become the sixth 7th seed in NBA history to defeat a 2 seed in a Playoff series. They also become the second Play-In team to win a Playoff series, joining the Miami Heat this season.
1987: Seattle over Dallas, 3-1
1989: Golden State over Utah, 3-0
1991: Golden State over San Antonio, 3-1
1998: New York over Miami, 3-2
2010: San Antonio over Dallas, 4-2

D’Angelo Russell becomes the 4th player in Lakers franchise history to record 30+ points and 5+ 3pt. FG in a Playoff game, joining:
Kobe Bryant (7 times)
LeBron James (10/9/2020)
Nick Van Exel (5/4/1995)

LeBron James has won his 40th career Playoff series, tying Derek Fisher for most in NBA Playoff history.

LeBron James (22.2 PTS, 11.2 REB) and Anthony Davis (20.9 PTS, 13.7 REB) averaged 20+ points and 10+ rebounds in a playoff series for the third time, tying the most by a duo in NBA Playoff history, joining:
Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson (Rockets – 1985 First Round v UTA, 1986 First Round v SAC, 1986 Semifinals v DEN)

Since 1973-74 when blocks were officially tracked, Anthony Davis becomes the third Laker to average 20+ points, 10+ rebounds and 4+ blocks in a Playoff series, joining:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (4 times)
Shaquille O’Neal (2 times)

Since 1973-74 when blocks were officially tracked, Anthony Davis becomes the 11th player in NBA Playoff history to average 20+ points, 10+ rebounds and 4+ blocks in a Playoff series, joining:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (4 times)
Tim Duncan (4 times)
Shaquille O’Neal (2 times)
Elvin Hayes
Bob Lanier
Moses Malone
Alonzo Mourning
Robert Parish
David Robinson

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47 Responses

  1. Toby KBTY says:

    That wasn’t just a win. That was a slaughter. GREAT game, great performance by the Lakers

  2. Ron Cuyos says:

    Great win by the Lakers. Gave ’em 40 as requested. Grizz needs veteran leadership to check those kids egos.

  3. wrd2pops says:

    It’s nice of both teams to let the rookies get some playoff experience

    • Chef Jang says:

      @TheAnimal people are taking playoff experience too literal. A bunch of dummies out here. Yea, it’s still playoff experience when the 4th quarter was basically a g-league game 🙄. That little exposure isn’t going to do shit for their development.

    • Dragon Attack says:

      ​@TheAnimal stay off the adderall

    • GSL says:

      @LILMANIAK DA GOTTI Why you offended😂? It’s not the same. They’re playing up big against the other teams bench

    • Prod. Osiah says:

      Minutes are Minutes thats true yes, but it’s not playoff experience if you’re not playing playoff level talent like lebron, example: so lets say lebron isn’t playing and then i go against the lakers and win i can’t say, yeah i beat lebron and the lakers i have experience against lebron now

  4. Pure Wilsy says:

    I’m from Memphis but this is exactly what I wanted. The grizz needed a big humbling

    • Gojira the fat lizard says:

      @Brandon Young ja is there best player LMAOO 😂 that’s legit no chance of happening give any other team Ja they’d dominate and that’s facts😂 and plus Ja dropped the most part points that game

    • 23:45am says:

      Finally, someone from Memphis who can think straight. This team needs to have their mouth shut and stay humble big time.

    • Brandon Young says:

      Do you think they will trade ja? They play well without him and they could probably get a very good return

  5. Delon Lawrence says:

    Dillon said I don’t respect no one till they give me 40. Lakers said, “we can do better, we will beat your whole team by 40.” This was a legendary beat down. Long live the Grizzlies Dynasty.

  6. Frank Huynh says:

    As a Lakers fan – Watching the Lakers struggle during the reg season and barely even making the play in… to eliminating the 2nd seed grizzlies in the playoffs is amazing. Major props to D-Lo this game really stepping up. GO LAKERS

  7. soFallenfilms says:

    Absolute embarrassing loss for the Grizzles to end their season. Felt like an LA Fitness pick up game for the last quarter.

  8. MieL Baltazar says:

    D’Lo initiated the offense, A.D dominated in the defense. Hopefully the Lakers play like this every given night. This team is deep. Darvin Ham just needs to have a better rotation and keep A.D. healthy because the team’s success will depend on how he plays and where the Lakers will reach in the playoffs. Especially in the next round, can’t underestimate the Kings and Warriors. If they win the 2nd round, we may see either a Lebron-KD match up in the WCF or a clash against the #1 seed in the West in Denver.

  9. Baseballcards Busta says:

    Lakers dominate. They have the talent to play like this all the time. Would love to see LeBron win another championship before he retires. One of the greatest players all time. There will never be another player like him.

  10. Killerz341 says:

    If i’m being completely honest, this is the best lakers ball i’ve seen since the bubble. Absolutely magnificent.

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