2 Idiots Get Crushed by 18-Foot Giant Snakes

2 Idiots Get Crushed by 18-Foot Giant Snakes

We join Jay’s Prehistoric Pets to see some amazing reptiles! Lizards, Alligators, and GIANT SNAKES!! Will we be eaten alive?
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Unus Annus.

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48 Responses

  1. Aubrey Morgan says:

    Never thought there’d be a person who would be able to match the chaotic energy of mark and ethan in unus annus vids. but this man topped it

  2. Dachvaz says:

    Trainer: We are trying to think of a friendly name for this kind, loyal, nice lizard.

    Ethan: Death

  3. Didilly Bop says:

    Mark and Ethan: struggles to hold up the snake
    Jay: there is another

  4. Mariah Anderson says:

    mark and Jay: “wow how amazing, such beauty”


  5. That Annoying Banana Loving Person says:

    Alligator: “leans over glass”

  6. D. H. says:

    Jay is INSANE! He just… Laughed at their fears! This man is crazy!?

    In all seriousness he seems like a nice, bubbly, upbeat, courageous guy who just wanna have fun. He’s nice

    • Charlie The Dirt says:

      D. H. He’s a wonderful man he helps so many animals

    • FPMitchum says:

      This man, literally gets bit all the time. HE LAUGHS IN THE FACE OF FEAR🤣🤣😭

    • dexa says:

      Lol, he sounds absolutely nuts but thats the sort of energy you need in a job like that. He probably deals with a lot of people who are scared of these sorts of animals, so being able to be light hearted and fun really helps to cut out a lot of the fear.

    • Vantros says:

      I watch alot of his clips on instagram, he’s just super happy to work with reptiles all the time. he’s like an excited kid

    • Just a Fangirl says:

      Shoulderpads-mcgee yeah, my brother works with large/dangerous animals on a huge range. alligators to rhinos kind-of-thing

  7. That Annoying Banana Loving Person says:

    Mark: “talks about important stuff”
    Tree: “dances in the background”

  8. BJ Hollings says:

    Jay, I like your humor;

    This man literally is the most alive and giggly person that has been brought as a guest, him and Sean

  9. That Annoying Banana Loving Person says:

    Mark and Ethan: “struggling to hold up snake while not suffocating”


  10. Gaelic Rabbit says:

    Ethan: But he could just turn around and see the bucket!
    Me: But he could just look at the other end of the stick!

  11. Bruce Lee says:

    *Why am I not seeing anyone talking about the wholesome lizard?*

  12. Kpop_igotnojams _ says:

    Jay: saying how one of the alligators bit him twice
    Mark: proceeds to literally halfway go in alligators cage just to feed the snapping turtle

  13. VIRUS OUTBREAK says:

    “so which one of yous is getting wet?”
    *hands are cupped*
    yeah, probably a spider or a small snake or something
    *uncups hands*
    *arachnophobia kicks in*

    • Matyáš Vláčil says:

      Exactly, I couldn’t watch the spider part, because of my strong arachnophobia.

    • Lesley RedRhody says:

      Matyáš Vláčil I literally backed away from my phone! That’s how bad my Arachnophobia is! I absolutely adore Reptiles and Amphibians. I would have pet Beckham all day.

      Jay seems a bit sadistic, though. Especially if what someone else said about these poor animals being neglected is true. I get the impression that he still would have come at me with the Tarantula even though I would have been crying my eyes out!

  14. Jamie Oliver says:

    “Is there anything that makes you nervous?”
    Mark: *”Not a thing.”*
    Ethan: *”nOtHiNg, WhY..?”*

  15. Megan Little says:

    Mark: *trying to feed dangerous animals*

  16. Raven Curtis says:

    No one:
    Mark: sticks piece of chicken on top of turtle’s head

  17. Tylan Holmes says:

    The hooligans: We have this slogan, remember death…

    Jay: *I think not*

  18. SquidLord XD says:

    Dude yells: “You like having fun”
    Video: **cuts to black**
    Me: so he fed every one to the animals. Good Man.

  19. Gih A. says:

    Mark and Ethan: *Barely holding one snake*

    Jay, with another snake ready: “It’s free real state”

  20. Maya L says:

    Ethan: soo who dis
    Mark: imma go feed the turtle
    Camera person: turns to mark what is he doin-
    Mark lays chicken wing on snapping turtles head
    Marks mind; hehehehe

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