*2 WEEKS ONLY* How to Get Walking Wake & Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

*2 WEEKS ONLY* How to Get Walking Wake & Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokémon Presents 2023 gave us a new Tera Raid Spotlight Update introducing 2 New Pokemon, Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Here is How to Get Walking Wake & Iron Leaves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for 2 weeks only!

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44 Responses

  1. Shin3y says:

    Hey John, you’re probably not gonna see this, but everyone is NOT getting the exact same Pokémon, the reason the two you caught of each is because they came from the same den, this applies to all Pokémon that are found in raids, all members catch an identical mon.

    • Shin3y says:

      @Shawn Pugh saving in front of a raid and resetting doesn’t change the raid, the raids are pre-generated, if you date skip to reset outbreaks and raids, your new raid should generate a new Walking wake or Iron Leaves.

    • Shin3y says:

      @Austin John Plays all is good sir Austin John!

    • Shin3y says:

      @Bobby Liink competitive players are currently testing, but I would say something that boosts SPA

    • Shin3y says:

      @KDub_A2S if you have NSO you can participate in a raid for the opposite one, and catch it on your main account. Just join someone else’s raid for the one opposite of your version.

    • King Crowley says:

      I took walking wake out pretty quick still having issues with iron leaves

  2. Scott E. says:

    Leaving a tip for those wanting to SOLO Iron Leaves: Use Scizor! Iron Defense, Swords Dance, maybe Focus Energy if you really need it and either X-Scissor or Fury Cutter while holding a Shell Bell. Trust me you’ll need it. A defensive nature preferably Impish or Lax use a mint if necessary you are going to need all of the defense you got. You can invest or choose not to invest and setup until you are ready to begin attacking. It won’t wash away your stats and ability until after 8 turns have passed. Good luck out there!

    • Elle (エル) says:

      I used Gholdengo but I can testify to Scizor being the MVP. Saved me from yet another painful raid where teammates dropped like flies.

    • wspann0 says:

      I was on a team and I had a Scizor with maxed out attack and health and gave it silver powder to hold. In the Raid I used two Swords Dance, and someone used an attack cheer and I was able to one shot it.

    • Jules Stevia says:

      I used modest nature max hp and max sp.atk Skeledirge holding expert belt. I was lucky when i soloed it because an npc brought Staraptor.

      Torch song
      Fire Blast
      Shadow ball

    • James Dorling says:

      I just used a max hp foul play shell bell wo-chien and foul played the whole time, idk how I didn’t get destroyed by megahorn but it worked!

    • corey makuch says:

      Go to the chansey field up north and just ramp

  3. Aynessa Valerion says:

    Walking Wake is so freaking cool. Absolutely my new favorite from this gen.

    • Nomad 5D says:

      @Tempestfrost the raid events don’t really bother me usually I get most of them like I still have the dog trio event from gamestop all the way back from the zorark movie, I’m only behind with violet because I waited to get it & I’ve been shiny hunting in the previous switch games

    • Tempestfrost says:

      @Nomad 5D yh I’m not a big fan of event raids either
      1 you can only get 1 per file which legendaries always were but you didn’t have a time limit or pay extra money for wifi for another file

      2 Pokémon home comes out so slow now it’s practically useless so you can’t even reset the single file that is your main

    • Nomad 5D says:

      @OuroBoros thanks bro

    • OuroBoros says:

      @Nomad 5D you got 2 weeks to this if you can beat the game within 2 weeks you can get both. They are 5 star raids so you need to beat all gyms again a second time. Just the gyms needed for victory road not the others.

    • Jordan Price says:

      Why did I use my shiny crappy goodra I got wrecked still got lucky lol

  4. Mifititi says:

    I’m actually relieved to see they are only 5 star raids. I’ve been really slow with the post game and training Pokemon, so I don’t want to struggle a lot to get the new Pokemon. Walking Wake looks awesome!

    • Lionescrawl says:

      ​@Awesomeguy951I used the olive pokemon. Was pretty usefull.

    • dra6o0n says:

      Pikachu is at fault for me not getting enough sleep and late for work cuz I slept in much much later and missed my alarm for night shift.

    • Furion Max says:

      Glad to see a like minded person on Walking Wake. I know it’s not the design we were shown in the Scarlet Book but I love it more than the sketch.
      And I got the perfect name for mine. Get ready for….

      DIVER DRIVE!! *Cue JoJo pose*

    • Itachi says:

      @RancorSnp it’s as easy as every 5*

    • Minicle says:

      Still frustratingly bad though. Terribly designed mechanics, glitches, lagging, and the fact virtually no one you are paired up with realizes that just spamming your shiny’s attacks doesn’t cut it. And the AI partners aren’t that much better…

      Really, Game Freak needs to provide a 4 star equivalent for that lot to struggle with. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Japanesus Christ says:

    I love the irony of using charizard for the water dragon, and using fluttermane for the grass psychic.
    That really made my day 🤣

  6. Straitlace says:

    A note on the stats of the caught raid pokemon, they’re only the same for all the users who participated in the same raid, but 2 different raids will produce 2 pokemon with different natures and IVs. Wake and Leaves have 4 perfect IVs as 5 star raids grant, but which ones as well as their natures will vary per player, unless multiple players do a raid together. All players who catch the pokemon from the same raid will receive identical copies.

  7. Ariana Alfonso says:

    For those teaming up for Iron Leaves, the daushbun that was built for the Charizard is a great support. Instantly use misty terrain to remove not only the quark drive ability boost but also the 50% boost Psyblade gets. Then use Charm to lower it’s attack. From there you can charm or use helping hand to help offensive members like sizor or kingambit

  8. The First Tyrantrum says:

    I found Skeledirge (best with Unaware ability) and Meowscarada to be valid options to handle these new pokemon if you are tight on exp candy:
    Meowscarada’s Flower Trick bypasses Walking Wake’s Noble Roars with each hit beina a crit.
    Skeledirge can tank leaf blade and psyblade, stat sp. att. per torch song, and unaware ability helps with the swords dances it does as well

  9. Jake Borns says:

    Love the videos man! Just a heads up… the 50% buff on the signature moves make them 120 power, not 140.

    • SuperSayianWarrior says:

      @Locormus2  my point is that you can apply the 30% boost to the BP of the attack because it doesn’t qork that way. It’s a boost to the stat that also isn’t works like choices items rather then Life Orb

    • Locormus2 says:

      ​@SuperSayianWarrior Considering that SpA is Walking Wake’s highest stat.. Unless you heavily invest in Speed and not into SpA?

    • SuperSayianWarrior says:

      ​@Andrew Cunningham except The abilities apply a 30% to the highest stat, not the moves which changes the match by A WHOLE LOT

    • Andrew Cunningham says:

      @Leon Lersch close! Percentages all stack. Start with 80 BP. +50% move efffect on 80 adds 40 to make it 120. +50% STAB on 120 is 60, making it 180. Of course, this situation means that Walking Wake is also benefitting from protosynthesis, making an additional 30%. +30% of 180 adds 60 to be 240. Multiply that by two for a Pokémon weak to water!

    • Leon Lersch says:

      Wouldn’t it get a STAB buff too for it being a water move? 80 base, + 50% sunny day buff 120 + 50% STAB would be 160?

  10. Mario87456 says:

    They were a PAIN to catch but I eventually succeeded tip of advice for both versions I recommend you catch Iron Leaves first so that you can use it against Walking Wake to catch it since Iron Leaves has a type advantage over Walking Wake at least during it’s Terastal Raid battle anyway.

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