2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky

2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky

French wingsuit flyers recently completed an unbelievable stunt following a B.A.S.E. jump from the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, known as the Soul Flyers, caught up with and flew into a plane in mid-air.Β 

As part of their project A Door in the Sky, which they had spent several months training for by completing more than 100 test flights in Empuriabrava in Spain, the duo B.A.S.E jumped from the top of the Jungfrau, one of Europe’s highest mountains, and flew into a Pilatus Porter light aircraft in mid-air. Now that’s a different way to catch a flight.

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50 Responses

  1. Faisal Alhajri says:


  2. Faisal Alhajri says:

    It is so fun

  3. Boby Schnackler says:

    Thats insane

  4. Simon Klinkenberg says:

    I just thought it was impossible when I saw it in fast&furious8

  5. Rudawy says:

    This is unbelievable

  6. RS says:

    Perfect video to watch while I’m taking a poop.

  7. Meng Lee says:

    Balls of steel

  8. Fabian Meisner says:

    Jump out of the plane.
    Wingsuit down.
    Land back in the plane.

  9. MiNenTz says:

    Oh my god! That’s so epic!

  10. Viggo Bauman says:

    These are athletes.

  11. PhlyDaily says:

    Next James Bond intro scene.

  12. Emrecof says:

    Doing this with a plane with such an exposed propeller seems like a bad idea

    • phong hang says:

      but that’s how you make it Rated R.

    • LEDerhozen says:

      Doing this into a plane with the propeller not spinning seems like a worse idea…stay tuned for the next video

    • thrasherisgay says:

      thats the point, its even more risky

    • Entelin says:

      Well, jets are out, and props need to be exposed to function. Hypothetically, you could build a cage around the prop, but that wouldn’t be safe unless you really put some engineering into it, and likely would be illegal to fly with such a modification. So basically there isn’t really much of a choice there.

  13. Atypical says:

    Nice! Which country was this performed in because I would like to research the probable hundreds of aviation regulations broken to make this master piece.

    • Bill Denny says:

      Here, I’ll help you research. If this were in the USA, no FARs were broken. There, I helped.

    • Christopher Banacka says:

      The only thing i could see broken would be is if they had some type of no “high risk behaver above populated areas” type rules….
      Normally that would be something like trying to stall your wing, or throwing objects from the sky to the ground like waterballoons or TP.

    • Edoardo Almeida says:

      Atypical Red Bull got a special permission for it, and followed a ton of verification.

    • Sir Justonian says:

      When you are a company that has employees with tungsten for balls you can do anything you want.

    • tackless says:

      Atypical. Hey Debbie Downer just enjoy it and shut the hell up . Why do people enjoy taking a dump on others. I never understood this.

  14. Rylan McPhee says:

    amazing they could maintain enough airspeed withe the drag from their enormous testicles slowing them down

  15. Cheetah says:

    Pfff I do this everyday in Grand Theft Auto 5…

  16. Sam Quam says:

    Now, why would they jump off a perfectly good mountain?

    That’s incredible, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  17. Jay Kay says:

    Imagine the flight plan for this, “departing with three souls on-board and arriving with five”

  18. FuLLeFFekT1 says:


  19. BlakeBiundo says:

    Anybody look at the thumbnail and think the plane was underwater? No? Just me? ok…

  20. c313z k says:

    Me on Pornhub

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