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I cannot thank you all enough for 20 million subscribers! Just saying that number out loud is weird! From the bottom of my heart, thank you 🙂

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45 Responses

  1. Aiden Rebsamen says:

    Best youtube ever

  2. drake afton animations says:

    Congrats! I know I won’t get there

  3. Talulla Weis says:

    My dog died yesterday and it’s rlly hard and I want to thank you for helping me with everything mostly with my depression. I love you 💚 I will always support you congrats

  4. W1ngs says:

    Being subbed since 3mil im so proud and happy for you! From a standpoint you are a such a humbled great person i hope the future is even more bright.

  5. Cleo Talks says:

    You deserve every subscriber. You deserve every view. You deserve every like. You deserve EVERYTHING! I love you so much! <3

  6. Anna’s StarBucks says:

    I’ve been subscribed to you since 5 million subscribers 🙂

  7. Frisk Dremurr says:

    Who else is so proud to be part of such an amazing community!!

  8. 오로라 says:

    Congrats good video👍👍

  9. Joseph Kubin says:

    He’s not wearing black what congrats jack on 20 mil u the best

  10. Mai Lynn says:

    It is unbelievably realistic how 20 million angels now follow you.
    I’ve been here before all the hair dyes, which green *is* you, btw. Lol. *Congratulations, Sean.*
    You deserve it.

  11. Brody Pearson says:

    Sorry this is a little late but fittest job I’ve been subbed to you since 8000 or 9000 I can’t remember you are awesome and so funny

  12. Killer Code says:

    Dear Jack/Sean,

    The subscribers that are here today (I included) are here for a reason, to be entertained, and you made that possible. When Felix gave that shout-out, he thought it was because he was being nice. I did not get here by his shout-out, I got here because I saw a video that made me feel good. What I kept seeing through some time was not a channel that was famous for being funny, no, what I saw was a person doing videos, not for himself, but for the good of people. Yes, you may have money but you don’t waste it on yourself, you use it to make better quality videos for us to enjoy. Most people have forgotten that the reward for entertaining is not money, but it is the joy of the faces they see, and the comments they see, that make them feel good. You haven’t forgotten that. Many people have been through some stuff, include me, and through you we can feel like ourselves. You deserve reaching 20 million as you have made many people laugh and cry. Thank you for your collaboration with us. Thank you for making our miserable days a ray of sunshine. Thank you for all your hard work just for us. We are all greatful.

    Sincerely, the Subscribers

  13. Mira Edorra says:

    Hey jacksepticeye

    Tap me and get shock!!

  14. Jengaar Daym says:

    Congratulations, you really deserve it, your content has always entertained me, and has made me laugh too many times to count.😂 I have been here since the start and will continue to be. You’re amazing Sean, ya sexy beast.😉

  15. Ya Gurl Jordan says:

    I don’t know where I’d be without Jack and this community. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy🤗

  16. Ethananous512 says:

    In my book, you’ll always be Sean, one of the many kind, loving youtubers out there.

    Congratulations! 😀

  17. Lokiegamer31 YT YT says:


  18. Reece Bar says:

    Dude, TWD Final season came out

  19. Nate TSO says:

    We love you Sean. You deserve this and all the other good things coming your way. You are both a paragon of what it means to be an entertainer and of what it means to be a good person. You are an inspiration and a friend to us all. Thank you for that, and stay boss 🙂

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