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74 Responses

  1. Predator Poachers Toronto says:

    The level of awkwardness 📈💀

  2. James Daniels says:

    This is so awkward and I love it. Harrys unbeatable

  3. The Racing Monkey says:

    I can‘t watch this… the level of awkwardness hits too close to home.

  4. Onemanzz says:

    Next, Lord KSI or Babatunde vs 20 Women

  5. yzzi fis4 says:

    we need tobi to do it next, he is quiet and would like to see him to open up

  6. Connor Twigg says:

    Harry not knowing the dance: oh my god I’m like so white

  7. Kai Wieringa says:

    No one:
    Harry: IT’S TIME TO GO

  8. Moises Perez says:

    Harry should date the girl who laid on the floor with him

  9. Alif Haziq says:

    Just imagine that the last woman who works as mermaid is actually jj’s girlfriend

  10. Diego Da Silva Rodrigues says:

    I don’t even think the boys did him that dirty he just ruined it himself 🤣😭

  11. Satrio Wibowo says:

    The second hand embarrassment was to much, I’ve grown a third hand.

  12. Ea Novak says:

    Either the first girl, or floor girl would suit Harry well. Filming a follow-up date would be fun, for us. Screw Harry. jk- it’d do him good.

  13. Itsnot.sienna says:

    gonna be honest the first girl he spoke too they has CEMISTRY like i swearrrrrrr but he was sooo nervous ^>^

  14. Wok says:

    Ngl I wanted it to be Harry being himself and not the Sidemen telling him what to do

  15. Ensar Baftijari says:

    They Way The guys look at Harry and that Girl lying on The floor, is just priceless

  16. A26 says:

    Petition for Babatunde vs. 20 Women

  17. evie xo says:

    ethan: guys he can talk to women, he’s alright
    harry: AAAAAAAGHH
    vik: there he is

  18. Julia Red says:

    Harry: tries MMA moves to take the chair down
    JJ: Sits

  19. YouTube says:

    😬 This is almost hard to watch 😳

  20. Julia Red says:

    Ethan: “Guys, he can actually talk to women”
    Harry: *Starts screaming as soon as hears Ethan*

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