$200 Kobe Beef Steak VS. $20 Kobe Beef Steak!

$200 Kobe Beef Steak VS. $20 Kobe Beef Steak!

I’m in Kobe Japan trying out Kobe beef steak, A5 Wagyu. In this video I ate at 3 kobe beef restaurants and stuffed my face with Kobe. Here’s what I thought…

Location 1

Location 2

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20 Responses

  1. Sammy Mb says:

    When that buzzfeed vibe hits you

  2. Fiona Wong says:

    Your videos make me hungry LOL

  3. Kasey Goodrich says:

    what a *meaty* video! It’s so long! (“Meat” can also mean like the quality
    part of the video if you didn’t know. I’m not making a dick joke pls stop
    laughing at me)

  4. Bubblegum Panda says:

    Where does one get the money for these travels?!

  5. Funny Joke says:

    has anyone in public accidentally called u Jackie Chan?

  6. Satan 2.0 says:

    What’s the goal of life? have money then eat then die soon

  7. PureKaoZ says:

    Finally catch one of your videos when i’m not starving. lol

  8. John Texas says:

    To me, to spend $200 for a piece of meat that’s going to come out the other
    end in a few hours borders on insanity. But–to each his own.

  9. mastocytoma1 says:

    Don’t need no teef to eat dis beef!

  10. Scandi Snowgirl says:

    Dude. Do NOT put hot oil on Kobe oxtail soup. ? that’s like putting
    ketchup on a GREAT steak. Like, it’s insulting to the chef

  11. KajiRider1997 says:

    You might not be a veggie man but those look so yummy! I want garlic chips

  12. Patrick star says:

    i like my steak hard and chewy

  13. Joe Chan says:

    Hi are you coming back to China anytime soon? you should do a video of your
    hometown specialties that would be soon cool.

  14. derbigpr500 says:

    And here I am eating salty crackers in 4 in the morning pretending I’m
    eating Kobe beef and making funny faces of amazement.

  15. alphahunterd says:

    Wait so more fat = better beef? a little confused about the grading.

  16. thatcuriousguy says:

    why would they cut the steak if its still cooking:[[[[. Gordon ramsay would
    of killed that man.

  17. xiaoecho says:

    $300 and all you get are crappy take away bamboo chopsticks to eat it with?

  18. Chew Chew Train says:

    Uh. Where can I get “factory rejected” Kobe beef?

  19. Eisper says:

    He ate stake almost the whole video, I want pork chop

  20. alaskankare says:

    so, are you moving to Kobe now?

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