2010 Election | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

2010 Election | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

The boring, who-cares midterm snoozefest that was the most important election of your lifetime.

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20 Responses

  1. w9j15g says:

    I don’t know what is more responsible for the poor turnout in 2010 on the
    Democratic side: lazy complacency or disgust and disillusionment when they
    figured out that Obama’s “change” sales pitch was just an empty promise.

  2. Reid Oda says:


  3. Just Drunk Things says:

    The last midterm elections were the first chance I ever had to vote, but
    they happened right after I moved states. I chose not to vote out of lack
    of knowledge for the candidates running. I wish there were a way that
    America’s youth could get more involved in each and every election. There’s
    actually a guy running in California who’s trying to accomplish that. His
    platform reads: “Bring that power back to the people by harnessing
    technology and allowing every citizen‘s vote to count every time.
    California is the tech capital of the world. Let’s use that ingenuity and
    create a secure website where every registered California voter, who is a
    US citizen, can create a secure portal that will allow them to vote on
    every issue that goes before the Senate. It would have the pros, cons,
    benefits and cost analysis. The results would be updated and displayed in
    real time. The will of the majority of California votes is how I would vote
    on the floor of the Senate– EVERY time. Voters would be able to specify
    their level of involvement by choosing the issues that they care about
    most. Any time a vote involving those issues is coming to the Senate, a
    tweet, text, call or email will be sent informing of the bill and advising
    to have their vote count. Every Californian can have your voice heard on
    every issue, rather than once every election cycle. This would truly put
    the power back into the hands of “we the people” where it belongs!”

    But regardless if you live in California or not, I think we can all agree
    that voter’s apathy has gotten the best of every millennial. It’s time for
    a change. It’s time for our generation to take part in the elections that
    could potentially change our futures. It’s time to vote.

  4. nomadempiretv says:

    Killing it

  5. Rev. Jay Goldstein says:

    Was into this until I had to watch a rhino shitting. That how you make a
    birthday cake too?

  6. Michael Carolina says:

    “cocked blocked from voting” better to be cocked blocked then letting
    random people shoving it in the wrong hole.

  7. heather s says:

    Hippo/rhino actually detracted from the incredibly poignant statement she
    was making. “…a 12% midterm voter turnout… directly affected our lives
    a million times more than the presidental (vote).”

  8. zoe gillman says:

    Brilliant work

  9. TC Coltharp says:

    Okay, I had to subscribe after you called genital warts “sexy braille”

  10. Mac Man says:

    Love SB!

  11. Vince Fernandez says:

    …Soilent Green is People!
    P E O P L E ! ! !

  12. Martin Mcgill says:

    Genius writing !

  13. Tarantula417 says:

    5 mins in. Still havent laughed. Hitchens said it best….

  14. Karthick Raghavan says:

    She seems to be better than Trevor Noah.. but not a fair comparison because
    she did learn from the best.. should give Trevor more time.

  15. bronzenrule says:

    Much of the blame for the low voter turnout and lack of enthusiasm on the
    Democratic side and subsequent Congressional Republican takeover, goes to
    Obama and his betrayals to the ideals and the electorate that got him
    elected. Cases in point:

    1) his refusal to prosecute any banksters for their crimes that brought
    about the Great Recession;
    2) his bailing out the Big Banks without any meaningful strings attached,
    save for a separate watered-down, toothless regulation bill (Dodd-Frank)
    that would solve none of the structural causes of the economic meltdown;
    3) his capitulation to Big Pharma and Big Insurance in killing the public
    option from the ACA;
    4) his breaking of his campaign promise to shut down Guantanamo Prison and
    instead passing the buck to Congress;
    5) his appointments of corporate cronies to his White House staff,
    regulatory agencies and departments; and
    6) his flip-flop on his promise to work to rid Washington of corporate
    lobbyists and their corrupting influence

    — these and more deflated the hopes and expectations people had placed in
    the system, through him, to work for them and not, as they’d been promised,
    for corporate interests; and thus unmotivated were liberals to return to
    the polls and endorse the process, much less politicians, that had just let
    them down.

  16. Alan Koslowski says:

    After watching the latest Bee clips, I just watched Noah’s latest clips,
    and the difference is not only female/male, but that of a D-League athlete
    (Noah) v an all-star athlete (Bee). Bee’s humor is just so much smarter,
    pithier, more insightful and precise, passionate… pick just about any
    superlative, and it probably applies more to Bee.

    I gave Noah a fair chance. I watched all his shows for the first 3 weeks he
    took over, but he was so disappointing I stopped watching for about a
    month. Over the past few weeks I gave him a few more chances, but it’s the
    same mostly bland, superficial humor. It’s clear now he just doesn’t have
    anything approaching the chops of Bee or Stewart.

    I’m glad someone has inherited Stewart’s throne, and it’s especially
    satisfying that it’s one of his own, but it’s also sad that the Daily Show
    has receded into shallow irrelevance. Contrary to rumor, Bee was never
    offered the job of TDS host after Jon left. [She has said in interviews she
    probably wouldn’t have accepted anyway.] Even so, it’s baffling to me CC
    executives didn’t seem to recognize how capable she is, and instead gave it
    to someone clearly in over his head.

  17. Pernicious Existence says:

    I’m a Bee-liever! Forget the The Daily Show Miss Bee! John Stewart and the
    Daily Show made Comedy Central relevant. You can take TBS to the top!!!

  18. tmz85 says:

    The most important video you’ll see today. Samantha is spot on! So good…

  19. Mark Smith says:

    This is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Plus they must have gassed
    that audience if they are going to laugh like that to these, these, um

  20. Sam ! says: