2015 BioArt Competition Winners: Mehmet Berkmen and Maria Penil

2015 BioArt Competition Winners: Mehmet Berkmen and Maria Penil

Dr. Mehmet Berkmen’s laboratory built a unique chamber that allows scientists in the lab to photograph bacteria colonies grown on agar plates for several weeks.

Because agar rapidly dehydrates, such long-term growth would not be possible outside the specialized time-lapse photography chamber. The researchers use this method to study long-term interactions between colonies of bacteria.

In this video, bacteria painted onto an agar plate grow into an image of a flowering plant. Several different types of bacteria can be seen, including Serratia (red), Bacillus (white), and Nesterenkonia (yellow).

The laboratory receives funding from the National Institutes for Health to develop methods for producing human antibodies in bacteria.The video was created by local artist Maria Penil as a part of the laboratory’s public outreach efforts.

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  1. Hooligan H says:

    Why is this on YouTube front page??

  2. Exxxn S says:

    Wow, I’ve just noticed there is something called BioArt.

  3. Teemo AKA Satan says:

    800 views on trending list. Seems legit.

  4. GreenDemon125 says:

    So this is why that game with circles eating each other is called Agar.io?

  5. Shayeday says:

    this video didn’t even come out today so why is it in the popular section

  6. ArtisanTony says:

    Great, now it will not die!

  7. Benish Ben says:

    How dis is popular?
    Theres only like 900 views

  8. skyler vanderpool says:

    Thank the broken algorithm for your views.

  9. Michael Williams says:

    985 views = equals trending lol youtube is funny jokester

  10. Bananas says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. It’s a beautiful design but knowing that
    those are fungi or bacteria gives me the creeps.

  11. Luis Navas says:

    Can this Bactria grow like this outside in nurture? Not a lab.

  12. Jane Doe says:

    Nature does some wonderful things. It’s truly amazing.

  13. Sense Omkara says:

    sooo did they paint the bacteria like paint?

  14. Luis Diaz Ortiz says:

    I thought it was pretty cool . still confused on how its trending with
    around a thousand views.

  15. Koto Nizna says:

    what’s happening to youtube’s “what’s popular” tab? yesterday there’s a
    nice documentary which is “trending” according to youtube with less than a
    thousand view. This video is cool but wth youtube … can we report youtube
    to youtube for misleading or spam? lols

  16. Chorp Squatch says:


  17. Karen Smith says:

    bacteria is so artsy >>> i got bacteria on my hands >>> my hands are art
    >>> i own these hands >>> so basically i am an art