2015 Teddy Bear Toss Goal

2015 Teddy Bear Toss Goal

Jordy Stallard’s second period marker triggered a record-setting avalanche of 28,815 stuffed teddy bears at the 21st annual Petro-Canada Teddy Bear Toss!

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20 Responses

  1. Florence Stone says:

    Howdy? It looks handsome. husky rain What’s your opinion about this !

  2. Stevo Canuck says:

    what’s the tradition behind this?

  3. Ryan Parnell says:

    This is awesome

  4. Neil M says:

    Someone please explain… I’ve heard of a turkey in bowling and hat trick
    in hockey, what’s a teddy bear?

  5. Manuel Navarro says:

    0:43 look at botton left, lady in the purple is failing so bad

  6. Garrett London says:

    Oh my god, this is the MOST Canadian video I have watched in my entire

  7. Timur Sergaliyev says:

    hats off to you, good shit, Canada!

  8. CouplesVsCouples says:

    that’s alot of teddy bears

  9. Tien Foen says:

    what do they do with all those teddy bears?
    do they give them to local charities?
    children hospitals?
    and do they do this a lot over in the frozen north?

  10. jasmin corniciuc says:

    Oh Canada

  11. Dragon Entertainment says:

    Canadian af, love it

  12. Nash Rarig says:

    Tis the season?

  13. dogeatbear says:

    That’s a lotta bears and a lotta good people

  14. Nikola Bijeliti says:

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  15. Ar Va says:


  16. Jason Khan says:

    That’s Incredible! squeak relax !!

  17. A Hafizudin says:

    Early X’mas here!!

  18. Bobin Shrestha says:

    now it feels like christmas

  19. Domino Pianomusic says:

    So sweet !

  20. Trama Loki says: