2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum

2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum

Clinton, O’Malley and Sanders take the stage live from Iowa to discuss where they stand on the issues that matter to young, diverse America. Including: social justice, immigration, education, health care, and the economy. The Forum is moderated by FUSION anchors Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez as well as FUSION contributor Akilah Hughes and New York Magazine Writer-at-Large Rembert Browne.

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20 Responses

  1. Pri yon Joni says:

    24:20 “I’m a United States Senator who believes in science and believes in
    facts” said no Republican ever.

  2. Arika W says:

    I am watching the entire forum, but I just need to stop and congratulate
    Akilah on her awesomeness!

  3. A Giant Sloar says:

    Some of those 5 facts about Bernie were chosen to make him look bad. Looks
    like someone’s in the tank for Hillary.

  4. Jamie Tegtmeyer says:

    were those horror stories Clinton got the crowed teared up with like the
    story she told about coming under sniper fire……..hmm………


    “Bovine scatology” ROFL….Kamal, can you give me a new word for scank?


    Unless you are living under a rock you will know that the Media and the DNC
    have done a near total blackout on Bernie and then even lied about their
    own polls when they were being taken and screen shots were posted all over
    the whole time. Don’t believe the news or Corporate polls. Keep busting
    your ass for Bernie and we are going to smoke them out of their cushy
    seats, where they have been throwing us under the bus forever. JOIN THE
    REVOLUTION! http://www.berniesanders.com

  7. CrimsonTide says:

    Hillary 2016. The Bern you feel is just horrible gas.

  8. Max Levy says:

    It is so important that everyone be aware of the difference between
    Bernie’s answers and those that Hillary gave.

    Bernie spoke authentically and candidly, specifically referencing his
    policies based on a coherent moral framework grounded in compassion. He
    effortlessly conveyed his genuine care for the wellbeing of all Americans,
    especially the most vulnerable. When it comes to Bernie, it has never been
    “me” — it has always been “us”.

    By contrast, Hillary calculates and constructs answers that, on the
    surface, try to appeal to the widest demographic possible, while never
    actually providing any substance or trace of honesty. They are wordy, vague
    answers and long, convoluted stories that aim to confuse viewers to the
    point that they can’t understand what she actually stands for.

    One communicates; the other recites. Please don’t undervalue the
    significance of that difference. It will make all the difference.

  9. TheyLive WeSleep says:

    I only watched this for the Bernie Sanders part 🙂 ! go Bernie go!

    Hillary Clinton is a Corporatist and a Militarist ! wake up Hillary
    voters!!! She is in the pocket of Wall-street !

  10. William Vick says:

    Next up: Rubio, Cruz and Trump

  11. SURVIVORMARY says:

    Great job Fusion. Really enjoying debate so far with Bernie Sanders.

  12. jeff4justice says:

    How could anyone keep voting for the failed 2 party system charade?

  13. TheMike1076 says:

    Bernie Sanders 2016

  14. Susan m says:

    Audience rigged with hc supporters, they all standing up for that criminal

  15. Susan m says:

    hc and obama, orchestrated the TPP, that will destroy us, with her foreign
    ceo/corp donors of clinton foundation.. fossil lfuel, fracking, pipelines..
    a Ceo profit war promoter, and on board of monsantos, poisoning our foods
    with gmos, a republican in the beginning of her political career, and still
    a corrupted gop…full of deceit.flip flopping for votes

  16. 06109633 says:


  17. nachojosh says:

    +Fusion The post-forum analysis is so much more thoughtful than any in the
    other debates and forum thus far. Great job!

  18. bfchang says:

    All Hillary had to say was “I was born rich and am rich” when asked about
    white privilege. God she’s so out of touch.

  19. Ricky the Writer says:

    They never asked O’Malley about healthcare

  20. Red Hunteur says:

    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water let the
    motherfucker Bern. Bern motherfucker, Bern!