2016, Day 12 Highlights, Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber

2016, Day 12 Highlights, Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber

Highlights from the Ladies’ singles final.

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20 Responses

  1. Duham Boyd (SwimmingStrings) says:

    Serena takes away all the fun out of watching woman tennis, she is so good
    no one has a shot at her

  2. Marco Zeron says:

    Latinoamerica loves Queen Serena Williams ! Serena you are the best ever !

  3. King Chocolate says:

    How did Wimbledon get 2 minutes of highlights out an hour long match?

  4. MsMintu83 says:

    Serena Monster

  5. Colby Floria says:

    You rock Serena!!!!

  6. annajeehee says:

    Bra please

  7. asafapple says:

    She embodies what a champion is. Congrats to her.

  8. simbarashe sigauke says:

    The G.O.A.T

  9. Ria M says:

    this British commentator was so annoying. he obviously doesn’t like serena
    winning and so biased against her with whoever plays serena. please get rid
    of him

  10. Cbg G says:

    That man is so strong isn’t he? Kerber couldn’t match it with him. Where is
    the fairness in that?

  11. Guile Thawk says:

    serena williams is the best player in the world end of and she has a
    fantastic serve

  12. bluewhale18 says:

    I’m just glad she didn’t threaten to shove a tennis ball down a lineswoman
    “f’kn” throat.

  13. alejandro aguilar says:

    All I see is hard nipples well played both of “them”

  14. Laughing Octopus says:


  15. punklelo says:

    It is unfair that they make women play only 2 sets and men play 3

  16. Dan M. says:

    I like Serena but she needs to chill on some of her celebrations.

  17. Samantha Kelly says:

    i believe Serena can get to 25 singles

  18. spartanboosts says:

    sit on my face serena! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. One punch man Looks like johnny sins says:

    a skinny white girl vs a she man gorilla
    wtf tennis lol

  20. John Basher says:

    Serena Williams is more steroids than human