2016, Day 13 Highlights, Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic

2016, Day 13 Highlights, Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic

Highlights from the Gentlemen’s singles final between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic.

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This is the official YouTube page of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships), home of Wimbledon. The Championships 2016 will run from 27 June-10 July.

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20 Responses

  1. Glovee Productions says:

    Not to hate on Murrays win or anything, but Raonic played quite terrible.
    He came up on floating approaches, he didn’t hit any hard shots at the net
    (except for overheads) and I don’t think I saw him hit a backhand that
    wasn’t sliced for an approach. Yes Murray was playing very well but he
    would have been playing much better if he had played someone like Federer.

  2. Trudy Holmm says:

    Murray can beat all the guys outside top 4. It was just easy money for him
    like we say in the ufc. Just easy money. Murray is such an unorthodox
    player in the sense that he will play all kinds of shots. He will play high
    ball, low shots, slices, lobs. Very difficult to play. He’s the opposite of
    wawrinka who likes to hit hard all the time. Murray is 6ft3 but sometimes
    he doesn’t hit like a big guy. Murray has a weak forehand for a big guy.

  3. Trudy Holmm says:

    A fully deserved champion.

  4. Desert Trekker says:

    Women now fancy Murray.Bunch of fake bitches,only interested in his
    money.They wouldnt even glance at him if he was a taxi driver

  5. 80 wooten says:

    A confident Andy Murray damn near unstoppable.

  6. Kevin Smith says:

    I am not a Murray fan but I am glad he beat Raonic. Fuck Raonic and his
    arrogance towards Federer. Lets hope Raonic never wins a slam. Fucking
    asswhole. Federer should have won and we would have seen Federer defeat
    Murray easily without a sweat. Federer has beaten Murray the last 5 time in
    a row. Remember Wimbledon 2015 & WTF 2014 in London. Haha fuck Raonic.

  7. tigerchong888 says:

    Raonic got kill ~lol

  8. Sheepy99 says:

    go on mister personality!!

  9. Andrew Simpson says:

    Some tactical mistakes by Milos not smart to attack Murray backhand not

  10. Omar Mushfiq says:

    Great win for a great player. CONGRATULATIONS ANDY!! You are a true

  11. des says:

    All to easy for Murray. There had to be the King Roger!! :)

  12. Chris Nyholm says:

    Murray just too solid for roanic

  13. colderbeer says:

    Glad Murray won, but my God….can somebody teach him how to dress? There
    are more posh players at public parks….

  14. BJ Ppk says:

    Ruthless Murray

  15. TheYairisan says:


  16. John Red says:

    Murray’s speech should be like this: thank you Milos Raonic for beating
    Roger Federer and most of all thank you Sam Query for beating Novak!Hail
    the Scots!!

  17. 44774477ric says:

    Murray is a no talent propped up fake…..he only wins when a eloquently
    staged performance of the best players clearing the path for him
    ….probably paid for by the royal family or some smuck trying to prop up
    the British dna…..which they have done for ages…….sad sad and
    pathetic….he beat a bunch of no talent sold out failures …..Great job
    you whinny bitch Andy,,,,,,,what a fukin momas boy looser

  18. G says:

    Please show fewer fist pumps and more great shots on the highlight reel.

  19. Clair Duffy says:

    Soooo proud to be Scottish.

  20. Tuxedo Mask says:

    he looks like andrew Garfield