2017 Christmas Decorations at the White House

2017 Christmas Decorations at the White House

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92 Responses

  1. Shimon Cohen says:

    Make America Great Again

  2. Joel Chia says:

    Absolutely stunning. God bless our President and first family.

  3. S Hunt says:

    That is stunningly beautiful!

  4. J. says:

    Make Christmas great again

  5. George D. Lietzan says:

    ? ? ❤ ? ? We love-love-love our #FLOTUS. ?

  6. Alphaphotographer says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful!

  7. Jenny OkieGirl says:

    I ? our First Lady BEST FLOTUS EVER! Class, elegance, and so much love in her heart! ?????????

    • Little Miss Cabbage says:

      Timothy Mckenna No education? She is fluent in five languages you know.

    • BelialDotExe says:

      You know, the whole “deplorables” bit was “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables… …They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic — Islamophobic — you name it. ”

      So which are you? Racist? Sexist? Homophobic? Xenophobic? Islamophobic?

      Because if you aren’t any of those things, she wasn’t talking about you.

    • CrimsonTide says:

      Jenny OkieGirl She’s a slutty first lady. Google her naked pics if you don’t believe me

    • Jenny OkieGirl says:

      BelialDotExe you are an idiot lmao I pick idiot for you

    • Jenny OkieGirl says:

      CrimsonTide so now naked pics makes one a slut? Lmfao I bet your mom got naked pics is she a slut too? When did ones naked body earn them the title of slut? You and all the other haters are twisted lmao sick in the head twisted hahaha sad and pathetic!

  8. tsx3214 says:

    About freaken time!!!

  9. chris miller says:

    Beautiful! Merry Christmas from our Family to yours.

  10. JoJo ModSquad says:


  11. Sleven Calebra says:

    Finally Christmas back to America, looks heavenly beautiful its a short video but the message is huge brings a tear into my eyes.

  12. tsx3214 says:

    Is this the classiest First Lady, EVER, or what!!!

  13. Orson Welles says:

    Bill Clinton could’ve done better as first husband

    • Dr VR says:

      donewl that is not was said. Get your story straight. Also remember that audio tape was doctored and edited to make him look bad and it still didn’t work because he is now your President. I’ve never once asked if I can kiss a woman or go to bed with her. I go for it and if she rejected me I move on to the next. That’s not sexual harassment it’s called making a move. You people are the reason young men today are scared to talk to woman and would rather play video games,smoke weed and watch porn. They are afraid to be labeled a sexual predator or pervert for doing what is human nature.

    • Nina B says:

      I wish you luck in this comments thread

    • Bolt Upright says:

      donewl: Why do you hate Trump? Did the MSM convince you he was some kind of monster with their lies?

    • Peter Nunez says:

      Orson Welles camera pans out to Bill smelling a cigar.

    • Colonel . S. says:

      perhaps perhaps not

  14. Pam Johnson says:

    Thank the Almighty for a FLOTUS who honors HIM, displaying a Nativity scene! Bravo Melania!

  15. J7409 says:

    So very very BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing this as i have no family left to share Christmas with. This made me smile and be thankful for my blessings and living in America. Thank you for sharing this again. Merry Christmas to each of you and the staff at the White House.

  16. Patti Willing says:

    Gorgeous! FLOTUS is amazing! ????????

  17. Linda Kirby says:

    How beautiful!!! I wish I could see it in person!! The only thing wrong with this video was it wasn’t long enough!! I want to see more, I want to see shots for a longer time before changing to another shot. I want to take it all in! So beautiful. Our First Lady is so classy and so beautiful, she fits right in with the beautiful decorations! Thank you for this video.

    • Little Miss Cabbage says:

      ex-PFC Wintergreen You’re an asshole. Get a life.

    • Patricia Kowerko says:

      HGTV usually has a special on in December all about the White House Christmas decorations, but who knows if they’ll have it this year, since the lamestream media hate President Trump. I can’t seem to find a listing for it yet. For me, this is the best Christmas EVER, knowing the Trumps are in the White House! MAGA!

    • 2 scoops With Sprinkles says:

      Patricia Kowerko

      Me too……. I woke up & saw this today & omg I’ve never felt better……. THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY FOR OUR BEAUTIFUL 1st Family✝️?♥️??????❄️❄️❄️??? ?❄️☃️ ❤️??

    • 2 scoops With Sprinkles says:

      Linda Kirby

      I know what you mean, I feel same…. I’ve been asking the WH CHANNEL to make her videos longer…… these special ones with the music, I asked for at least 3 minutes long, ….. ??

    • 2 scoops With Sprinkles says:

      Misty Buttercup

      Yes, saw the ones from LSN, THEY HAVE 3 videos OF HER all from this AM including a 6 minute long one❗️???

  18. TALK RADIO says:

    Looks like freedom to me. Thank you staff and Trump family. May God bless you All. Arto from Finland.

  19. Kelley Johnson says:

    Beautiful and wonderful! Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ never gets old. He is the light and life of our world.

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