2017, in 7 minutes

2017, in 7 minutes

In a tumultuous 2017, these are some of the stories that defined the year.

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76 Responses

  1. Antoine David says:

    2017, in 7 minutes *

    *According To americans

  2. fruit party says:

    3:17 *spits out water*

  3. KevinGeorge says:

    Better than Youtube Rewind 2017

    *Patiently waiting for likes…..*

  4. Jayjaysquid YT says:

    You forgot the memes of 2017

  5. Natalia c says:

    Trump really called that football player “son of a b****”? While criticizing him for being disrespectful? WOW

  6. PLAYING IS GOOD says:

    More like 2017 from the US prospective

  7. King Orange says:

    2017: The year of salt

  8. Toco says:

    Vox had touched my heart! May God bless us all!

  9. Joseph Bravado says:

    In other words, we are continuing to fail as a human race. We should be ashamed.

  10. blueray15 says:

    Wow the only remotely happy thing in this video was the eclipse. Which is the sun going dark, which is a good metaphor for 2017. I hope that 2018 is better, but I doubt it, especially with that animal as president.

  11. Arno goes Online says:

    This makes me

    • Alejandro Zarzuelo says:

      Arno goes Online the world is improving, now more than half of ppl earn more than 6$ a day wich is near middle class 8$ and absolute poverty is in record low also war

      Enjoy this new year its statistically going to be better than 2017

    • Arno goes Online says:

      Alejandro Zarzuelo That helps, thanks 🙂 It’s just hard to hear the good stuff when you’re showered with so much bad

  12. lilazndragon says:

    Wasn’t there anything good that happened this year?

    It all seems so morbid

  13. Jake Zuky says:

    why is no one happy in this world. we should all apperciate the fact that we are alive and living and have this privalage. take a a moment and step back from society to appreciate the world you live in. everyday is a gift. 2017 was not a bad year and neither was any other (besides 1939-1945) please, VOX just be happy for once

    • SArpnt says:

      well i mean if we die we have free speech there, unlike here.

    • Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

      Wished you told that to: Racists, Misogynists, Feminists (aka misandrists), Neo-nazis, Homophobes, SJWs, and those are just ideologies. There’s also people like: Drug dealers, Human traffickers, prostitutes, pornstars, and uuuuhhh, Lawyers.

    • Zach Arbogast says:

      Tell that to the Rohingya being slaughtered in mass while the world idly watches, or to the victims of terrorism and massive natural disasters.

      There is and always has been tragedy in the world. The difference now is that the entire world can know within minuets, and still do nothing, or choose to act. We need to talk about whats bad as much as what’s good.

      The world we have is not something to be entirely proud of. 2017 was a bad year.

  14. Rayka says:

    Better than Rewind. (2)

  15. James Cooper says:

    This video is ok, but it lacks the energy that your 2016 video had. That one flowed and had intensity. This one just seemed like a slow checklist someone put together…

  16. MischievousMoo says:

    Rename the title to *The bad news of 2017, in 7 minutes*

    Most of Vox and all news is generally giving bad news. This has exaggerated the bad things in our world when our world is getting better for the most part. Unemployment and poverty are getting better, war is very low compared to last century. While bad things sometimes happen, the news focuses on the bad things and not the good because good news makes fewer viewers than bad news.

  17. Josh 'Kilagram' K says:

    America 2017, in 7 minutes

  18. CribCricket says:

    Yeah let’s exaggerate the moments that serve our agenda and downplay the rest.

  19. Axdre_ says:

    Such a terrible year. This world is being killed so fast by it’s own people. Our beautiful one of a kind in the whole universe will die soon, because of how ignorant we are as humans living here .

    I feel like Trump is the representation of all of the corrupt governments around the world. He doesn’t care about the world. The fact that he doesn’t believe in global warming…( I don’t think he even knows what it’s about tbh.) But it just shows he doesn’t wanna care about the world. Only his own self interests. He’d put every American life at risk just to have a war. And nobody is stopping him.

  20. Lisa Gorska says:

    And as always, the video is 90% about America

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