2017 MISS TEEN USA Competition

2017 MISS TEEN USA Competition

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LIVE from Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona, all 51 contestants will vie for the crown and the title of Miss Teen USA 2017. Throughout the night, the contestants will compete in athletic wear, evening wear and final question. Hosted by Heidi Powell and Erin Lim with special performance by Jorge Blanco.

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20 Responses

  1. Milo Taeyang says:

    miss california should’ve won.

  2. swiftiforever13 says:

    Starts at minute 5:00

  3. Govind Kakkad says:

    Good for Oregon!!!!!!

  4. Faisal Riza says:

    This production is WAAAAAY BETTER than miss USA/Universe stupid new format! Bring back this kind of contestants introduction/opening number and ditch that ANNOYING multiple girls format in each competition!

  5. Myla RFerr27 says:

    Idk why but I hated Missouri as soon as I saw her. She has very plain beauty. She reminds me of an unsuccessful pornstar. I really wish Oregon would’ve won

  6. Random girl says:

    I hoped Miss California would’ve won because it would’ve been such an achievement and milestone

  7. Ace Prado says:

    California is so classy and elegant

  8. SL says:

    Who ever got them to wear yoga pants is a genius

  9. Mao WhiTe says:

    So pretty Miss Teen USA 2017! Her answer was flawless. Beauty and intelligence as well. Congratulations Sophia!!

  10. Tini OBrien says:


  11. Ilosya_ Mosya says:

    Хорхе лучший (JORGE THE BEST)

  12. CL Nguyen says:

    I knew Missouri got it. 💕

  13. Hilde Marie Eriksen says:

    Jorge Blanco😍😍💜💜💜

  14. LUNA jb says:

    💟jorge blanco💟

  15. Yves says:

    were they booing Miss Oklahoma?

  16. Zahrah H. says:

    Why does miss Wyoming look pissed at 28:50-28:53

  17. cloud625 says:

    I want Indiana to win. But Missouri deserve it.

  18. Diego Briones says:

    They should follow this format for Miss Universe.

  19. mgparis says:

    PS – Nice seing Iris, her usual sweet and humble self!

  20. Benito Mussolini says:

    WTF? The broad that won isn’t even American.

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