2017 VS 1987 makeover

2017 VS 1987 makeover

I’m doing a girlfriend gives me a makeover video because I love following trends! Miel did a wondrous job so check out her videos: http://youtube.com/mielmonster
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Miel’s pages
▸ http://youtube.com/mielmonster
▸ http://twitter.com/miel
▸ http://instagram.com/mielmonster

Thank you Emmalie El Fadli (https://doubleepost.wixsite.com/emmalieelfadli) for helping me edit this!

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43 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    also Anthony: Um miel runs this channel now here she’s gonna take over

  2. Van Y. says:

    the zoom’s sound is very 80’s

  3. Emma Welch says:

    Expectation: Steve Harrington
    Reality: Billy Hargrove

  4. Rabsam 07 says:

    Will Anthony like every comment?

  5. ava024 says:

    Anthony you should audition for stranger things season 3

  6. Jackie Chan says:

    I am going to smash that subscribe button twice

  7. Jenny Rose says:

    Steve and Billy’s impossible stranger things lovechild

  8. Perla Guerrero says:

    It took me like five hours to scroll by alllll the comments Anthony liked

  9. Aldous Forest says:

    35 year old dad from 1987 with a mustache. 19 year old punk kid from 1983 without mustache.

  10. Caitlin HK says:

    why is anthony so unbelievably attractive

  11. Sam Andy says:

    I feel like it’s almost sad that you’re spending all this time making sure to like as many comments as possible

  12. lily matthews says:

    us padildos love this content

  13. Danish Niazi says:

    What is poppin my fellow padildos

  14. Isis Godina says:

    Why did I actually like the stache 🤔

  15. Parichovis _ says:

    How to do a sexy fashion shoot, 6:07, stare at the camera while doing strange things

  16. kateMich says:

    I just imagine Anthony editing himself for the sexy shots.

  17. kateMich says:

    “Bye honey, gonna go hop in my camaro”

  18. ThatHoloNarwhal •-• says:

    6:07 queue the narcissistic montage


  19. Devin Sumer says:

    *his bulge*

  20. Lee Lanzini says:

    *WHERE’S IAN?* oh I forgot…

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