2018 A Capitol Fourth | Full Broadcast | PBS

2018 A Capitol Fourth | Full Broadcast | PBS


Broadcast live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, the 38th annual A Capitol Fourth puts viewers front and center for America’s biggest birthday party with the greatest display of fireworks anywhere in the nation.
Hosted by John Stamos, the country’s longest-running live national July 4th TV tradition will feature all-star musical performances by: Jimmy Buffett with the Broadway cast of the new musical Escape To Margaritaville, The Beach Boys, Pentatonix, Andy Grammer, Chita Rivera, The Temptations, Luke Combs, Lauren Alaina, CeCe Winans, Joshua Bell, Kyla Jade and the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly.

Visit pbs.org/capitolfourth for more information.

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37 Responses

  1. Christina Miller says:

    A Spectacular Presentation!
    Happy Independence Day 7/4/18

  2. Stephanie Kim says:

    Fourth of July is our favorite because I like the part where everyone sees fireworks while playing 1812 Overture and they’re colorful, the band was great. I love it!

  3. oldsurferdude1 says:

    I love and served my country during Vietnam, but this tribute to my country is nothing short of an exercise of tackiness. John Stamos? Really? C’mon gang, we can do so much better than him to lead this tribute. And the fake Beach Boys? They are NOT the Beach Boys but rather a licensed tribute band with one original member! A little less glitz and a bit more down to earth patriotism from our country would be a hellava lot more realistic than this charade.

    • Ron Marcus says:

      oldsurferdude1 your attitude makes your so called service a bit of a joke. Get a grip!

    • Marjorie Drake-Grisak says:

      Normally I don’t add comments, but you hit the nail on the head;how absolutely nauseating this was ! LOL, completely unrealistic, out of touch, disneylandia – my husband said, “christ, this is so phoney and staged, it’s just likeI’m watching the Lawrence Welk Show !”

      Yep, a charade as Roger Waters would say.

      BTW, old surfers never die, they just fade away….long live the Velzy Balsawood boards !


    • Dan Livni says:

      No that is the real Beach Boys. Mike Love is the singer and he’s the original singer for the Beach Boys since the early 60s. Bruce Johnston is also there and he’s one of the original Beach Boys.

    • Humble one says:

      oldsurferdude1 cool name , I agree with you 100pct. Glad you made it home from the Nam.Thank You.

    • oldsurferdude1 says:

      Nope, Bruce is not an original Beach Boy. He was the second replacement for Brian when they toured. The first was Glen Campbell who lasted for about a year. Bruce joined in 1965 five years after they formed.

  4. springer k says:

    Like every year, recognizing the good and the bad, I am so proud to be an American and I’m grateful for those that have made it possible for me to be so

  5. DebraAnns PumkinNursery says:

    Mom would have loved the Beach Boys . Miss u mom and dad. I love the 1812 Overture. I played it in high school. 🎆🎆🎇🎉🇺🇸 Stars and Stripes Forever.

  6. Chiara Offreduccio says:

    When I watch The Beach Boys, all I can think of how I miss the late great Glen Campbell. Now THERE was a patriotic American. RIP Glen.

  7. Ching Yu Yu says:


  8. Rebecca Nelson says:

    This holiday rocks most of David Ruffin and the temptation rocks

  9. Alek White says:

    Pound to be a part of this ceremony! Best place to spend the 4th of July HANDS DOWN!

  10. Judith Victoria Douglas says:

    Great show. Love the orchestraa and patriotic songs with the fireworks.

  11. hugehappygrin says:

    People are taught in schools that clapping is triggering, then Pentatonix tries to get those same people to clap along. Anyone confused by the message?

    • Emmy Gerard says:

      hugehappygrin what?? Did you go to Berkeley?

    • apc2851 says:

      Not everyone is taught that clapping is triggering. If it is taught in school it is clearly not taught everywhere. PTX always get people to clap along when they perform. They were doing it is soundcheck too, someone should have told them not to if they thought it would trigger people.

    • Morgan Murphy says:

      Dude, I’ve never heard that being taught. I just graduated and my whole class would clap along our band performances

  12. Jill Spady says:

    Thank you for letting us watch! We love PBS

  13. Umpqua-4 Freedom says:


  14. Gayle Cook says:

    I watched A Capitol Fourth like I do every year and it’s so spectacular to watch! I love ❤️ all the guests that were on the show and the fireworks 💥! John Stamos, you’re spectacular as ever and you have such an awesome baby boy and a beautiful wife! My older son’s name is William, but he goes by Will.

  15. someone says:

    For those who came for Pentatonix: It starts at 2:45 and 55:00

  16. Andrew McFarland says:

    Thanks for posting this immediately.

  17. Joshua Saldaña says:

    The battery gets increasingly better each year

  18. LeeAnn Toepel says:

    Unfortunate mic issues aside, Pentatonix sounded AMAZING!

  19. Denise Manley says:

    Miss Lauren Alaina brought it! You go girl That was a nice performance

  20. Dennis Dovziy says:

    God Bless America! Happy Independent day!

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