2018 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

2018 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

All the best bits from the first race of the 2018 F1 season, as rivalries resumed and battle lines were drawn in Melbourne…

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94 Responses

  1. Rachid Khamlichi says:

    ALONSO 5TH !!!!!! Woooooooo happy that McLaren are getting better!! They still have car upgrades to come

    • ya says:

      There’s still 20 races to go, so it matters and it matters a lot.
      McLaren can’t rely on lucky safety cars and retirements every race so they have to be worried

    • Ymrw says:

      ya alonso did say that this race is gonna be the lowest point of the car this season and they both got in the points soo…

    • feel that says:

      Rachid Khamlichi Yep, great result for McLAREN. But you have to see it realistic, that Alonso would have finished 9th…

    • Fantastical 4 says:

      Why even waste your time complaining, McLaren are done for, F1 belongs to Mercedes and Ferrari now. Alonso shouldn’t whine so much since it was his decision to leave Ferrari

    • Anna Muller says:

      *Wаn!!!t mе? L!!!ооk, I mаst!!urbаtе nаkеd,СHЕ!!CK VIDЕО!*

  2. Kiran Prashanth says:

    Driver of the day: Fernando Alonso ?



  4. Fra The gamer says:

    Forza Ferrari

    • Paolo Spina says:

      Hihihi Ferrari has been lucky for sure, but it’s so good to see Mercedes fans eating crow ??❤️… no matter if Mercedes is faster, nobody will ever have the history and support that Ferrari has

    • Tango Nevada says:

      I think Vettel needs to buy the entire Haas Pit Crew dinner.

    • Patrones 1 says:

      Sometime it’s better to be lucky than good! Clearly Merc is the car/team to beat! Ferrari got lucky, we all saw it and Sebastian admitted it! Let’s move on!!!

    • Anna Muller says:

      *W!!аnt mе? Lо!!оk, I mаstur!!bаtе nаkеd,СHЕ!!CK VIDЕО!*

    • Andrea Anlvis says:

      Tango Nevada sure, they had a full Italian dinner together at Maranello…

  5. Anurag Reggie says:

    Respect to Grosjean for meeting the pit crew after the race?

  6. Niafer says:

    A ‘race’ where the cars cannot overtake. The guys in charge claiming to make things better but they make things worse. Everyone involved avoids giving straight answers to straight questions. What is this? Politics?

    • ya says:

      I’m sure that has to do with Hamilton being a shit driver and nothing to do with the fact that Mercedes is by far the worst car on the grid when it comes to dirty air

    • justin dinkins says:

      ya First Hamilton is not a shit driver. Second The Mercedes was built to be in the front Third Melbourne is terrible for overtaking.

    • Pygmalion says:

      Melbourne has always been a difficult track for overtaking, and anyway one could make the argument that it’s always been difficult to overtake, because the best drivers should be the best at defending as well as overtaking.

    • ya says:

      justin dinkins I was being ironic, chill, we are on the same page

    • The Proper Petrolhead says:

      This race had more overtakes than Melbourne last year in the first 9 laps. Melbourne is also a very hard track to overtake on, remember.

  7. Trolling Antolol13 says:

    Fernando is faster than Honda

  8. azschmy says:

    I love the new HUD

  9. SoyBatman says:

    The most beautiful thing about this race was seeing Both McLarens cross the line in one piece 😀

  10. Yandere Player says:

    Driver of the day: Lastname
    Spin of the day: Max Verstappen
    Engine of the day: Pierre Gasly
    Pit stop of the day: Haas F1 Team

  11. Peak Angle says:

    Forza Ferrari!!!
    What a drive if Vettel!!!

    • Nick Edgar says:

      What drive? Kimi walked him in the first stint then got lucky. Shut up

    • BillionDollarFilms says:

      Yea cuz it was Kimi who kept the consistency while Hamilton was putting on pressure. It was Kimi setting fastest laps trying to match Hamilton who was 6 tenths faster in qualifying. It was Kimi who kept Hamilton behind despite him being faster. Shut up, you can’t say that it was ALL safety car and luck. Did you even watch the race?

    • Funky Monkey1886 says:

      BillionDollarFilms Vettel admitted that the safety car was the reason he got past Hamilton. Plus towards the end Hamilton backed off to preserve his engine.

    • feel that says:

      Funky Monkey1886 Not really, or probably yes he was probably like:”It’s the end of the race and can’t overtake in Melbourne, don’t need to damage the engine components even more.” And + his tyres were preety old. And he said that his rears were gone! He pushed his tyres more than Kimi’s and that’s why Kimi was quicker than Ham at the end.

    • Anna Muller says:

      *W!!аnt mе? L!!!ооk, I mаst!!urbаtе nаkеd,СH!!!ЕCK VIDЕО!*

  12. LEE YONG KANG - says:

    I am sad for Honda engine,still not very competitive…

    • DANK MEMES says:

      LEE YONG KANG – Red bull with the Honda engine came 4th and beat Alonso this race what are you on about?

    • Thatrandomguyinthecorner says:

      DANK MEMES, Red Bull are using Renault engines, not Honda. Toro Rosso are using Honda engines, and one of them retired, while the other one finished 15th. Just to let you know.

    • DANK MEMES says:

      Thatrandomguyinthecorner Shit lol. I’m cheering for Redbull either way so I don’t really care as long as they are getting points lol.

    • Angel says:

      if you were real supporter, you would have known that they are with Renault engines….

    • DANK MEMES says:

      Angel Well I’m just getting back into watching f1 again so I didn’t know lol. There’s not really a definition on whose a “real supporter” or not just saying. A friend told me they went with Honda engines and I didn’t fact check his statement. So that’s my fault don’t get too bruised about it.

  13. Dragon Ball Italy says:

    Vettel has the best smile!

    • Effie Jordan says:

      *W!!!аnt m!!!+е? Lооk, I mаstu!!rbаtе nаkеd,СHЕCK VIDЕО!*

    • vizag_dude says:

      lewis had 28 laps to overtake him…..even with Party mode on. What happened to his race style?….lewis cracked up twice behind vettel. Vettel did no mistake and had consistent pace. It’s just how things are in f1 and stop crying.

    • Nicholas Jonhson says:

      Deninho94 really! ”He kind of deserved to win it”. ”Vettel is the best in-race driver” He started from 3rd & kimi was suppose to win that race. Ferrari favor Vettel even if he’s slower then kimi. Vettel did drive a superb race with no mistake but like in Monaco last year, kimi was double-crossed again

    • D V says:

      Patrones 1 Hamilton did the same in Barcelona last season. You always need some luck to win the race and this time Vettel got more. Both of them are awesome drivers but Mercedes is the better car so Vettel need much luck to win a race.

    • Patrones 1 says:

      vizag_dude bottom line, Vettel come nowhere near Hamilton without that VSC! We all saw it and now the truth! Quit smoking rock!

  14. Ricardinho Almeida says:

    Hamilton where is your smille now??? Seb and kimi allways in party mode.. Forza Ferrari . Grande lavoro… Força from Portugal

    • kyle silva says:

      Brad Bellick lewis should have won australia last year but he got held up and vettel won…..he could have challenged in monaco but a crash caused him to stay in q2. Hamilton should have won in baku but his headrest came loose so hamilton had his share of bad luck. And singapore was all vettels fault as he tried to cut off vertsappen.

    • Vincent says:

      Where is Ferrari’s World Championship? Oh… That’s right. They haven’t won one in a decade!

    • Tango Nevada says:

      Ricardinho Almeida
      Hamilton is saving his smile for the Championship. Vettel got lucky, but getting lucky will only win you an occasional race but not a championship. So smile now Vettel while you can. But I suspect this year to be very similar to last.

    • D V says:

      SomPrince With a Mercdes Vettel would beat Hamilton!

    • SomPrince says:

      hamilton is the better driver there is no doubting that.

  15. blainyrules says:

    You forgot the biggest highlight, the battle between LASTNAME and LASTNAME.

    • Anna Muller says:

      *W!!аnt !!!mе? Lооk, I mаstu!!!rbаtе nаkеd,СH!!!ЕCK VIDЕО!*

    • Cai Inperience says:

      I saw it comin. FAR too many Lastname fanboys here. I should give in before the discusion becomes dirty like always, anyway Lastname IS THE most complete driver, compared to – excuse my french – that snail Lastname! PERIOD.

    • XxXgabbO95XxX says:

      blainyrules best driver of all time. He won all of the 68 f1 championships. Also, he detains the record for most gp disputed! What a legend.

    • SBERTOL84 says:

      HAHAHAHAHA I saw that live and I was like what the fuck is the gap between LASTNAME and LASTNAME?

    • margus kiis says:


  16. Ádám Kolonics says:

    Please show the tyres in race instead of manufacturer’s logos on the left side panel. No tyre info in race and qualifying at all. And where is the rev meter???

    • tohtorigyro says:

      rev counter is kind of useless, but given the fact that they’re showing steering angle graphics the rev counter atleast as a bar, should be shown. but yeah i totally agree that tyre choises should be shown too, because it makes it easier to understand the pace of a particular car. like during practice, if two cars make the same lap time, but the other one used softer tyres, it makes it easier to see that the other car still has more pace in store.

  17. Enzo Ferrari says:

    If Ferrari gets ahead of a Mercedes it’s over. The mercedes sucks when it is behind another car

  18. Carlos Piedra says:

    Kimi deserved more than a third position

    • james64ibm says:

      He didn’t have the same speed as Vettel, so third was basically all he could really get without artificially keeping Vettel behind him.

    • Tango Nevada says:

      james64ibm Up until the Safety and when Vettel was behind him, he certainly did. Vettel just got extremely lucky with the timing of the VSC. Or was it luck? My tinfoil hat can’t help but notice Haas is powered by Ferrari and when was the last time you saw 2 back to back problems putting a wheel on?

    • Effie Jordan says:

      *Wаnt !!mе? Lооk, I mаst;!!!urbаtе nа!!!kеd,СH!!!ЕCK VIDЕО!*

    • The Proper Petrolhead says:

      His first lap was great

    • Colm O'Mahony says:

      your wrong kimi out performed seb speed wise, vettel got lucky with saftey car

  19. 86Themadhatter says:

    Lewis : ”I’m going for it”

    Immediately starts losing time lol

  20. Stev Rex says:

    Fantastic Alonso.

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