2018 Kentucky Derby I FULL RACE I NBC Sports

2018 Kentucky Derby I FULL RACE I NBC Sports

Find out the winner of the 144th Kentucky Derby.

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64 Responses

  1. Maria Ortiz says:

    Congratulations 🎉🎊 Justify, Mike Smith and Greatest Teamwork!!!🌹🌹🌹🏆🏆🏆🎉🎊🐎😱🤗❤️🌹

  2. Forever Gooner says:

    Bob is the greatest trainer. His horses are well conditioned.

    • Healthy Chef Jimmy Show says:

      On Friday he sent out AbelTasman in the La Troienne and finished last at 1-2. He went 1 for 5 this weekend at Churchill! His record with 2-3 year old horses is great, but anything outside of that he is terrible. Justify has brilliant talent and early speed!

  3. Daniel Johnson says:

    Mendelssohn was mugged not once, not twice, but three times by the same horse Magnum Moon before the first turn. Watch in stop motion.

    • David Accardo says:

      Daniel Johnson He to small thats part of it Justify a big bully of a colt thats the game and still wouldnt have came close to Justify 45 and change Mendelssohn got ran off his feet by Justify

    • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess says:

      You mean other than Pleasant Colony, Ferdinand, Strike The Gold, Concern, Mine That Bird, Animal Kingdom…..

    • James Harper says:

      Daniel, however, after the muggings he was still in position to bring it. He was six lengths off and even the announcers said he was making his move. He finished 73 lengths off. Unless he has something wrong with him that is sad! What I think happens with these horses is that they travel too much. His travel schedule was CRAZY! Then add in they do not run on dirt in Europe. Turf, synthetic and wood chips. 20 horses, mud, rain, a HUGE crowd, and a poor start – muggings as you call it did him in. But he still needed to show heart! 73 lengths! Unless there is a reason then either he or his jockey quit!

    • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess says:

      It’s common for a horse with a bad trip to quit late.  Nothing was beating Justify though.

    • James Harper says:

      Ray, I agree that it happens. I just did not like the fact he based Mendelssohn’s entire race on the muggings. Yes it was a rough race. 20 horses always has some bumping going on. But if you watch the replay he was 6 lengths off and making a move and then just could not keep up so he quit. Sort of like Bolt and others. I think that the first half mile pace and the mud being kicked in the face had more to do with it than the OP was stating.

  4. softballhumanoid says:

    Look how totally clean Mike Smith is. Barely a speck of mud.

  5. Leslie Olson says:

    Bob Baffert is the GOAT! Period!

  6. innertubez says:

    I was rooting for Audible but Justify rode an amazingly smooth race. Congrats!

  7. kwgrid says:

    Justify has that long, easy stride like American Pharoah. We may have another Triple Crown winner. Good Magic was just too small. Twice as many strides to Justify’s one.

    • DoubleDogDare54 says:

      Preakness? Yes. I don’t think too many challengers will face him in two weeks time.

      The Belmont? They will be after him there. Will he be another AP or Slew? Maybe.

      More likely he’ll be another Smarty Jones, Tim Tam, Real Quiet, Sunday Silence or Canonero II though. We’ll know five weeks from today on that score.

    • kwgrid says:

      A fair assessment.

    • Wolfeson28 says:

      He certainly looked impressive enough today to justify some TC speculation. Right on top of a blazing pace on a wet track, and still had plenty left at the end to hold off the closers. Mike Smith will need to make sure not to get him hooked into this fast of a pace duel in the Belmont, though; he definitely won’t be able to stay within a head of a 22 1/5 pace and still win at a mile and a half. Of course, Smith is the best in the business, so I think we can be pretty confident he’ll avoid that.

    • SlayCityUSA says:

      I can just see it now guys! Dominating performance in the Preakness, saving just enough to prevail by a head in a stirring stretch duel in the Belmont. I think we are in for a good one!

    • 4orrcountry says:

      Wolfeson28 Not to worry, FAR different strategies are used for the 1-1/2 mile Belmont Stakes than the shorter Derby and Preakness.

  8. annie wilkes says:

    what curse?

  9. Dana Steele says:

    My boy jack was closing hard. Watch the replay, he had as bad a trip as he could. Next to dead last all the way around to the top of the stretch, got blocked and held up at the top also. He still made up a whole lot of ground . I hope he runs the preakness and the belmont.

    • Sarah Barron says:

      Mendlessohn got knocked all over the place by MM

    • MarthaDianne Guyer says:

      Dana Steele I think My Boy Jack should skip the Preakness & save his sustained running style for the Belmont…Quip is another closer pointed towards the Belmont’s longer distance…

    • TheRedBaron Lives! says:

      Dana Steele

      Definitely the 1 1/2 mile belmont dana!

    • anhell32 says:

      You mean the one that finish 5th…i think he gonna do better in the preakness

    • James Harper says:

      Why would you think that? The Preakness is shorter. That means less time for a stalker. My Boy Jack is your typical stalker. The reason he came flying at the end was the insane first half mile. Most of the horses tired themselves out trying to stay with Justify. Belmont is the race for My Boy Jack.

  10. Montanez Team Productions LLC says:

    The Baffert mafia continue, this is unreal

    • SlayCityUSA says:

      Mike Karoules Lots of people hate Baffert (Justify’s trainer) for whatever reason so they claim he gives his horses performance enhancing drugs. Just conspiracy theories and no concrete evidence.

    • John Kaufmann says:

      Baffert On The West Coast. Pletcher On The East Coast. This is getting old every year.

    • Mr Automatic says:

      He is a CHEATER inside the BUSINESS. He was caught back in the day in QH racing and recently in NYC. Unfortunately, he has too much money wrapped up in his barn for anyone to care or fight against. This id like trying to impeach Trump. This is never going to happen.

    • John Kaufmann says:

      Mr Automatic Since this “points” system started. It seems It is designed so a Bob Baffert & a Todd Pletcher can manipulate it to their advantage since it began in 2013. Also? Is it me because it has happened wayyyyyyyy too many times, Once again all these alleged champion jockeys afraid to Challenge Mike Smith on the front except for Corey Lanerie who Dale Romans made no bones about it he was going to the lead. Where the hell were all these so called pace horses? Being yanked back.

    • SlayCityUSA says:

      John Kaufmann Promises Fulfilled was the only true pace horse. Thoroughbred Dudes agreed in their annual pace thesis analysis.

  11. Jerzmade says:

    Mendle got pin balled around. Welcome to the United States of Merica!! Justify is a very skilled horse good magic n audible both ran great races it’s just justify is really exceptional.

  12. len 114602 says:

    I bet on Instilled Regard, good work

    • Kathryn Edwards says:

      Nobody is giving him enough credit, given his odds. He ran a hell of a race and no one thought he would!

    • Michael Brown says:

      Awesome tough run. Wow.

    • DoubleDogDare54 says:

      Same here. I watched him galloping over the track the last couple of days and he was just floating when he moved. Beautiful stride on him.

      Shame he got mugged at the start of the race. I doubt he would have won but think he would have placed higher than fourth if the break had been fair.

    • Mr Automatic says:

      You are a moron for betting that horse.

  13. Kathryn Edwards says:

    um HELLOOOOOOO INSTILLED REGARD. Fantastic run for the underdog! <3

    • Michael Brown says:

      Crazy what he overcame. And boy, still gobbling up ground at the end. Very nice by both horse and jockey.

    • Kathryn Edwards says:

      Michael Brown I hope he gets a shot at the distance in the Belmont Stakes.

    • Mr Automatic says:

      Watch the move by the horse who ran 3rd and 5th. They were both running into horses and flying. The 15 saved ground and just got up.

  14. Nevermind says:

    Praise God. No horses down in that quagmire.

  15. thunderdude says:

    I freakin’ LOVE the Kentucky derby!

  16. Charles Harmon says:

    Good horse, but NO thoroughbred will ever come close to Secretariat, the bar by which all other race horses are measured. Secretariat not only STILL holds the record for ALL 3 legs of the Triple Crown, but he did something beyond belief. He ran each successive 1/4 mile of The Derby FASTER than the one before. A feat that is unfathomable !!! As a Virginian who lives @ 30 minutes from the birthplace and home of Secretariat, I’m justifiably proud !!!

    • Julia Rebhorn says:

      Charles Harmon he was a freak of nature

    • josh colbert says:

      NO SHIT sherlock ill tell you right now this horse will be the 2nd best american horse ever to step foot on a racetrack next to secretariat

    • Mr Automatic says:

      No one gives a shit about that shit. Racing needs to worry about getting people from the poker tables which is usually set up for smoking, fat people, and boredom. Racing is fun and you can win a lot with a little. It is not just about luck but, you have to know how to bet. The super paid 19k when the trifecta paid only 200 bucks. Think about it. You would never get this up as a straight up wager on any wager in the casino.

  17. KnockOut 49 says:

    Why is this #1 on trending?

  18. iFlawlessCow says:


  19. Êdø Štrîké says:

    Looks like Audible won’t be giving out my free audiobook.

  20. Cplee says:

    No offence to any hardcore Horse Riding fans but who tf responsible for this being #1 on trending 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

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