2018 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest: Donovan Mitchell wins it all | ESPN

2018 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest: Donovan Mitchell wins it all | ESPN

Watch all the best highlights from the 2018 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest, where Donovan Mitchell won it all.

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68 Responses

  1. King Wani says:

    He dunked over Kevin Hart and two 5th graders crouched down and they gave him a 50?

  2. Jefferson dela Cruz says:

    Should be Larry Nance Jr. vs. Dennis Smith Jr. in the championship round. #ROBBED

  3. Bricc Flair says:

    Mitchell’s a great player but that double tap dunk by Nance was the real deal. Shoulda gave this to Nance Jr

  4. TheGuyWithTaste Dan says:

    The Oladipo dunk was actually the most difficult to do but Nance should have won the whole thing.

  5. MorelHumor says:

    Should’ve been Larry Nance Jr.

  6. Tv Show Trailers says:

    2016 was the best dunk contest ever i think

    • Graham Becker says:

      You are too young. It was good but not best. Top 3

    • Rick G says:

      Graham Becker Wilkins vs Jordan 2 might have been better solely cuz of rivalry between 2 super stars but in terms of athletic ability n creativity it’s hard to say Toronto wasn’t most jaw dropping with 2 guys constantly hitting 50’s on first attempt. Oh yeah then there’s VCs dominance in New York…so what’s your answer I’ll stick to agreeing with what he said, is 42 too young? Or am I too white? =•P

    • Maximo K. says:

      Tv Show Trailers Howard vs Robinson 2009.

    • Kamonte Westbrook says:

      Jason Richardson’s dunks are so underrated bro Vince gets all the credit. J rich doesn’t

    • anthony alfaro22 says:

      I liked 2000

  7. TBS GAMINGE3 says:

    # Nancewasrobbed

  8. ΛLΛΠ 1993 says:

    Past slam dunk contest winners should be judges. not actors and musicians lol

  9. Ash Hussain says:

    It was an okay contest, but it was very biast…Mitchell is an amazing player, but most of the dunks he did were not 50s. I think that Nance should have won.

  10. Tyreck Says says:

    Great contest, I think it should have been Nance Jr. vs Dennis Smith in the finals.. I think Nance should have won, he had the best dunks, they all looked better by far, the difficulty was greater but hey, Mitchell

  11. AJsquad says:

    Am Im the only one who things Dennis Smith Jr got ROB

  12. jlxelite says:

    Nance was robbed

  13. AC Wyatt says:

    Sorry. Larry Jr or Dennis Smith Jr should’ve gotten it.

  14. jason11z says:

    nance and dsmith dunk> mitchell’s

  15. Slim7777 says:

    Even by just watching this video I can tell Lance Jr. should’ve won.

  16. ndoe smoke says:

    Smith Jr. Had the best dunk…

  17. SnewJ says:

    They should’ve gone another round for the lack of judging..

  18. riedstep says:

    These were lame. Tferg would have won.

  19. Graham Becker says:

    Makes you realise how good 2016 was – this was mehhhh. And stop letting non basketball people judge- the only dunking Khaled knows is fried food in sauce.

  20. MaxAtMidnight says:

    We don’t need Hollywood judging the dunk contest! The only dunking Khaled knows is dunking his Oreos into milk

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