2018 Preakness Stakes I FULL RACE I NBC Sports

2018 Preakness Stakes I FULL RACE I NBC Sports

Watch to find out the winner of the 2018 Preakness Stakes, the Second Jewel of the Triple Crown.

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80 Responses

  1. 2boliviano says:

    Hes going to have a great life once this is over

    • Sophia Schommer says:

      Josef Copernicus I agree with you completely, and wow small world I watch think like a horse too, he has some great knowledge about horse behavior and changed the way I have thought about horses and the idiots in the horse world, and now I can easily spot someone who is an idiot in the horse world

    • Josef Copernicus says:

      Sweet Disaster I am a professional horse trainer, that is how I make my money, and I work in conjunction with the rescue to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome horses, many are OTTB’s. So, you could actually not be more wrong.

      Re Secretariat: Secretariat dealt with terrible health issues in his life and was doped up to the max, having a heart that was 21 pounds as a result from the steroids that were pumped into him. Like all horses that are stalled all day, they go lame, just like Big Red did. 20 is young for a horse, I work with tb’s that live well past their thirties when taken care of correctly. Additionally, 90% of racing TB’s have ulcers as revealed by a Tufts study upon scoping. Literally every thing they do in the racing world is wrong, from the stalling, to hoof care, to maintenance, to the feed they give them (grain is terrible for horses), to the training practices, to the ground work, to the age they train the, (shouldn’t actually ride a horse until after 5)….I could go on all day, glad to debate any point and provide documentation.

      The biggest misconception is that people think ‘oh that is a pretty fence, a nice stall and a pretty halter….that horse must be happy” because dumb people humanize the horse and think the horse has the same values/wants as them. Again, 99% of the horse world is IGNORANT, but thankfully people are receiving educations from the great works of natural horsemanship educators and even YouTube channels like Think Like A Horse. I highly suggest you go check it out now and receive an education for yourself. Horses aren’t humans and they never will be.

      Funnily, Eclipse, who is considered to be the greatest racehorse of all time lived in the 1700’s and almost lived to his 30’s….why? Because they did not race him until 5 and weren’t ignorant and arrogant like us modern humans, so he got the opportunity to live a life more like a horse should, while the state of the art thoroughbred people end up getting stallions like Easy Goer, Dubawi Millenium and Scat Daddy killed in a few years at stud from what is the equivalence to barbarism thru ignorance.

      Also, check out Klaus Hempfling to see how hot breed studs should be handled and treated.

    • Josef Copernicus says:

      And ps Sweet Disaster, living out your days in a green field = resulting in happiness is again a common misconception as to what is good for a horse. Furthermore, almost all are stalled, and stalling a horse is the worst thing you can do to it because their feet need constant blood circulation and horses evolved to travel distances between 25-100 miles a day. Horses need a variance in their diets of ruffage to keep their guts functioning properly, without that, ulcers develop as well as colic (hence why 90% of TB’s have ulcers and many die of colic) and green grass alone simply does not cut it. Horses in the wild will eat all things from tree bark, to minerals to leaves, as they know what is best for themselves. Wild Mustangs that die of natural causes (i.e. not being eaten by a cougar) continually out live regular domesticated horses because humans don’t interfere with their blasted ignorance.

      20 is not old for horse, you just think it is because you are brainwashed by bad horsemanship and most thoroughbreds die young, especially young considering that they are essentially Arabs, and Arabs have the oldest horse life span and regularly live in to their 40’s. You are just full of FAKE NEWS! So frustrating. Fact check, please! Sad!

    • Sophia Schommer says:

      Josef Copernicus Could have not said it better myself

    • Patricia Dirks says:

      Sophia Schommer

      You are 100 % right. the general public would be horrified if they SAW the truth. Animal sex trafficking.

  2. Matthew Robinson says:

    justify hung on to those charging horses at the end, good thing it wasn’t belmont or he would have lost.

    • Cory Arthur says:

      Jessica Lage I was about to use that comment lol

    • Sandra Virgalitte says:

      Hopefully the Belmont will be a fast track, dry track.

    • teejay Trujillo says:

      If the track is dry in Belmont, Justify should win handily. It’s hard running in slop even for horses.

    • Andy Sideris says:

      BRING on the BELMONT cause the CHESTNUT BEAST will SHATTER more HORSE’S DREAMS Apollo Curse EXCUSE didn’t WORK an now extra distance EXCUSE didn’t WORK Sloppy Track twice EXCUSE didn’t WORK Bad Huff EXCUSE didn’t WORK try a 5th EXCUSE June 9th cause JUSTIFY is the REAL DEAL!!!

    • Maynard Runkle says:

      Josef Copernicus LOL Maybe the princess does have a di*k, but I agree that people keep adding things for Justify to prove. He was not running the Belmont and only Secretariat could win a match race like Good Magic put up and hold on for the mile and a half. I hope they don’t send out a rabbit. Otherwise, Justify should run them off their feet if he gets a loose lead.

  3. Crimson Kng says:

    Tenfold and Bravazo coming on strong at the end. Damn, if they had only made their moves a little sooner! Great race though.

    • Elijah mack says:


    • gabrielesparza4 says:

      Wolfeson28 bravazo who? Lol

    • Andy Sideris says:

      Evocati BRAVAZO was FLYING for 2nd GR8 HORSE’S WIN 2nd, 3rd an 4th make EXCUSES THE CHESTNUT BEAST onto to Belmont to SHATTER more HORSES DREAMS!!!

    • Andy Sideris says:


    • Maynard Runkle says:

      Drew and Star: Justify: 1:55 4/5. American Pharoah 1:58 2/5. That is a difference of 2 and 3/5 seconds or about 13 lengths. Pharoah’s Preakness was the slowest since 1950. This group of three year olds has a lot more depth and quality.

  4. Jake Mazz says:

    Not even the FOG could stop him, JUSTIFY 2:22 😉

  5. Vaderam Mohabir says:

    All credits to Good Magic, a true champ to go after Justify from the start.

    • Wesley Threadgill says:

      Jon P and I wasn’t the biggest justify fan after demolishing my fab bolt doro but this race was fun to watch kinda liked better than the derby he’s proven he can beat the best he’ll he’s beat good magic twice now ,lol

    • watergawbard says:

      Good Magic is a great horse and very well could have won the first two legs of the Triple Crown if not for Justify. It was a daring move to match race against Justify. Ortiz could have easily sat back a couple lengths and finished 2nd or 3rd. But he took a gamble because getting up in Justify’s face was the only chance for the outright win. Ended up 4th as a result but went for the win instead of playing it safe.

    • Wesley Threadgill says:

      watergawbard I give him credit way better than my old favorite bolt doro ,,only thing that bothers me is Justify has something once good magic and doro knew they couldn’t get by him they stop or slow down

    • Thomas Allen says:

      No doubt, but Tenfold was closing and reeling both Justify and Good Magic in. Would have upset em both if he had a little more track to go

    • R B says:

      Watch the replay again, Good Magic pulled himself up and Ortiz already had a tight hold if he would’ve tried to pull back more he would’ve used more of the horse and finished 5.

  6. Mike Walton says:

    Justify fought for his life for this win. That 8 horse was coming like a freight train on nitro!!

    • Wolfeson28 says:

      Bravazo was even with him 3 strides after the wire, with Mike Smith still riding hard.

    • Drew A Rockwell says:

      Mike Walton justify ran faster than American Pharaoh did in this race

    • george lehman says:

      Justify was already geared down no one was going to beat him

    • Karen Marie Little says:

      I thought Vin Diesel was riding that number 8 and the Nitrous was kicking in.

    • Andy Sideris says:

      It’s CALLED PERFECT RIDING BRAVAZO would NEVER EVER BEAT JUSTIFY Money Mike was in CONTROL an knew what he had to do to WIN BRAVAZO had his chance in DERBY for a LONGER DISTANCE an CHOKED coulda, woulda, shoulda but DIDN’T try again in the DERBY cause THE CHESTNUT BEAST is the REAL DEAL!!!

  7. OHRaceFan says:

    What a fantastic race. Go Justify!

  8. William Sligh says:

    Belmont is where good horses fail to become great. Doesn’t seem like Justify has the endurance for 1.5 miles, but we shall see.

    • CHUCK SCHAFER says:


    • CHUCK SCHAFER says:


    • Lori Colvin says:

      Josef Copernicus We’ll see. Tell me… Where in the world are you getting all this crazy information? He took a couple bad steps after bruising his sole… Along with a cracked heel…trained and ran like a bear.. Too bad Bravazo ran out of track.. Who are your connections? Or are you a handicapping star?

    • Lori Colvin says:

      Josef Copernicus so you didn’t have Bravazo in your tri ?? smh

    • fullstrutn says:

      You’re right what I meant or should have said was a longer period between the Preakness and Belmont than Kentucky Derby and Preakness, I’m glad he’s won both but right again didn’t seem to have a ”big kick” to finish.

  9. O'Neil Wilson says:

    Amazing race. I can’t wait to see Justify at Belmont.

  10. watergawbard says:

    Got a feeling Baffert gets his 2nd Triple Crown winner in three weeks. For those saying it was a bad sign that the others were closing in on him at the wire, keep in mind it is unlikely any horse in the Belmont is going to match race him and keep pace with him as long as Good Magic did in the Preakness. Don’t see Justify getting run down by anyone in the Belmont.

    • tuckerflo5 says:

      Drew A Rockwell they weren’t the same conditions because AP was not pressed like Justify was by Good Magic. If he needed to run faster, he could have. AP won quite easily and came out of the race in great condition. Props to Justify he is incredibly impressive but the end of the race does cause some legit concerns, IMO.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      The 2018 Preakness conditions weren’t the same. The 2015 PS was immediately after a torrential thunderstorm, and AP set a fast pace only to gallop home to the wire; no colt could pressure and maintain his early speed(without burning out). Only way to determine which horse was greater would be to have them face each other, and AP’s retired.

    • Maynard Runkle says:

      Drew A Rockwell Actually it was 2 and 3/5 seconds faster. AP 1:58 2/5, Justify 1:55 4/5.

    • Maynard Runkle says:

      Kevin Michael When AP was forced to fight head and head for the lead by Frosted in the Travers, he cracked and lost to Keen Ice. Justify held on to the wire and in the gallop out, he galloped out farther than both Bravazo and Tenfold. Tenfold’s jockey fist pumped Smith and then finished his gallop out. Bravazo ran a great and brave race but he veered- right, right after the wire and was pulled up by his jock.
      Hofburg, Blended Citizen the Peter Pan winner, Audible, My Boy Jack and some others all look good for the Belmont distance so Justify will be in for a big, big challenge.

    • Kevin Michael says:

      American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown and the Breeders Cup Classic during his three-year-old season, and was the two-year-old HOTY. Should Justify go on to win the Triple Crown–well, then he’s deserving of being compared to a great horse like AP; until then he’s among a number of colts who has won the first two jewels of the TC. We shall see!

  11. Megan Woodard says:

    😀 It was Affirmed and Alydar all over again, I wasn’t born during that match race but I’ve seen the video’s and this was just like those races!!! The Belmont is going to be exciting!!!!

    • Wesley Threadgill says:

      Megan Woodard only problem is good magic isn’t running the Belmont he should that was great but like I said watch when he stopped running when he knew he had no chance watch the derby when doro did the same something this horse does to them

    • Kevin Pratt says:

      Also Alydar didn’t fade to 4th so it’s not quite the same thing.

    • Rock 'n Roll Daddio says:

      I think a better comparison would be to Sham. Both Alydar and Sham were born in the wrong years.

    • Wesley Threadgill says:

      Kevin Pratt I agree did u notice that justify does the sane thing to good magic that he did with bolt doro the two times doro lost and the two times good magic lost once they know they can’t get past him they stop running its eierd to me

    • Bryan Elam says:

      nope, not even close to those two…

  12. Tyler Ballz says:

    GO JUSTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lynn Blodgett says:

      Tyler Ballz if he wins the Belmont my dreams are crushed. I want to own the next Triple Crown winner! I guess I wouldn’t die if I owned the 14th Triple Crown winner. I just can’t wait to be in the grand stand of any racetrack watching my horse cross the finish line in front!

  13. Lynn Blodgett says:

    GOOOOOOOOOOOO JUSTIFYING!!!!!!!!! Also, my friend owes me $10!

  14. Wolfeson28 says:

    Larry Colmus’ call in the previous race today was hilarious.

    “Aaaand…I really can’t see the last two at all.”

    Like Jerry Bailey said, fog really doesn’t matter for the jockeys, but it definitely makes the announcer’s life a little more interesting.

    • onafixedincome says:

      *laughing* I’m going to have to look that one up. No argument, totally agree. But that one I wanna hear!

    • StormWolf says:

      His call in the race after was hilarious, too. “Can someone tell me who’s winning this race?”

    • onafixedincome says:

      Okay, can you give me a link?? Please!?!?

    • Wolfeson28 says:

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like NBC has uploaded their coverage of that race. It’s called the Sir Barton Stakes, so you can try to search for it, but so far all I can find is one video with the call in Spanish, and one that has the track announcer’s call instead of NBC’s version with Colmus.

    • onafixedincome says:

      *sigh* thanks anyway–I’ll keep an eye out. Sounds like a laugh and a half!!

  15. CUB NATION108 says:

    *I FEEL JUSTIFIED* (5/19/2018)

  16. Jalian Turner says:

    That was a good race especially under them harsh weather conditions!!!!!!

    • Hector is HOT says:

      Even better when you win!!!

    • dunamis says:

      Jalian Turner Its O.K. – Some people have the need to shit out an English Comp. Thingy – ITS ALL GOOD – PEACE!! Great Race – The Belmont could be Another Great Battle – Talk again in a few weeks!

    • Jalian Turner says:

      dunamis ❤️❤️🙂

    • kwgrid says:

      Maybe if you had said “them thar” she would have caught the idea. My grandmother use to say, “Only highly intelligent people can butcher the king’s English and get away with it.” 😉

    • Jalian Turner says:

      kwgrid hahah lol exactly thanks for making me smile 😊!!

  17. Ruben Delgadillo says:

    Trump: Global warming is fake news.

    • dunamis says:

      Willam Unknown Well – When Mark Taylor was told by the Ruah Ha Kodesh in 2011 that DJT would be President – He was also told that there would be a Triple Crown and a WW2 component to it – When American Pharoah won on JUNE 6TH – 2015 – Mark released the prophecy – 10 days later – On JUNE 16TH – DJT announced his candidacy – On JUNE16TH – 1945 – President Harry S.Truman made the decision to drop the bomb on Japan to end WW2! PRESIDENT DJT GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER AND AMERICA WILL BE THE GREATEST NATION EVER!!

    • dunamis says:

      teejay Trujillo Actually there has been global warming between the ears of the Utopian Shithole that obama fraud and hillary gave us.

    • # Guiltless says:

      Ruben Delgadillo
      He’s right so…..

    • Skeet Culpepper says:

      Ruben Delgadillo yes it is

    • Billy Cowan says:

      It is total bullshit

  18. James Wormsley says:

    awesome race,great job justify whoooo

  19. Anthony2306 says:

    Interesting Belmont coming up…

  20. AtarahDerek says:

    Looks like the slop is also a TC contender.

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