2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams’ dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka’s final win | ESPN

2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams’ dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka’s final win | ESPN

Naomi Osaka becomes the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam after she defeated Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 in the final of the 2018 US Open but the match will be remembered for the emotional exchanges between Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos, who handed her three violations, including a game penalty.

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64 Responses

  1. ポンさん says:


  2. マゴコロ&マコト says:

    NAOMI OSKA cong on the victory! on my god! I’m sohappy I
    coad cry!I Thank you so so much! おめでとうございます。❇✴✨❇✴✨❇✴✨❇

  3. Average Steve says:

    Naomi you are a champion on and off the court! 🏆

  4. whatyouknowbout272 says:

    IM A VICTIM IM A VICTIM IM A WOMAN I HAVE A DAUGHTER APOLOGIZE NOW THATS NOT FAIR blaaah blah blah. GTFO with “she’s the best athlete ever” shit. Shes just an SJW that can hit a tennis ball.

  5. Dan Steely says:

    I am ashamed that Serena represents the United States. She got her butt whipped and acted like a child. Since when is throwing a tantrum “expressing yourself”? These announcers who try to justify her actions are as much of a problem as she is, so are the fans that ignore her juvenile behavior and booed. Her antics should not be tolerated just because she is a good player.

    • Soccer Withtheboy5 says:

      Dan Steely (/( I am doing a PS4 giveaway ))bi

    • LeShaun Moreno says:

      She’s trained all her life to represent the u.s that stress builds especially when u feel cheated shizz man have a heart am not saying what she did was right but still she’s human when u work that hard u break

    • Rex67Diego9 fandub says:

      In my country the announcers no being biased towards the American said that the umpire was right on all of his calls

  6. Youtan Poluo says:

    Yes people say worse things to umpires. And they get a warning. You were warned 3 times and continued to act out. You were classless and deserved everything you got. A true sore loser. Stop making this about being a woman. Your opponent was also in fact—–get ready for it—–a woman. The funniest thing is that you kept telling the umpire that he was “attacking your character” but then you call him a thief several times. Interesting because YOU were attacking his character. And to top all of this off your coach ADMITTED to coaching you. Absolutely unbelievable display from Serena and now we have to hear all of the nonsense from SJWs. I’m surprised Serena didn’t throw out the “you’re doing this because i’m black” card to the umpire

    • Hoan Tran says:

      Khalifacoe my college professor – who was black – privately spoke to me about the group project she put me in charge of…. she straight out said black men have hot tempers and black women are loud and outspoken… and so please understand.

      this was after i just said that i don’t think i am qualified to manage… which i wasn’t… i was just letting her know i’m too much of a nice guy to be stern with anyone and did not want to lead.

      just shocked me what she was telling me.

    • Javier Lara says:

      +Invalid Name. Please, Try Again. it’s at the discretion of the umpire. Show a clip where Ramos chose to let a man calling him a thief get away with it and maybe it’s a valid argument. She should be ashamed of herself for bringing that up.

    • M Will says:

      Youtan Poluo lol what does this have to do with SJWs? As much as I dislike them they have nothing to do with Serena’s tantrum. And even though she was in the wrong she has a legitimate case for the double standards umps and other officials hold for men and women.

    • Youtan Poluo says:

      Do you know who also throws tantrums and don’t always get called out on it? Women. More specifically do you know a woman that has thrown tantrums and did not get called out on it? You might know her, her name is Serena and she has thrown quite a few tantrums. Just because a rule does not always get enforced does not make enforcing the rule wrong. Serena broke the rules and was properly warned and then punished. Anything that has happened before—to her, to a man, or to anybody else is irrelevant at that point. The only person to blame here is Serena. She brought this all upon herself.

  7. Lori IM says:

    You know, through all of that, this young woman Naomi) kept her composure and fighting spirit to continue playing some high level tennis and eventually upset Serena. She did not deserve to have her historic triumph, her moment stolen from her and end the night in tears of sadness. She was gutsy and humble and…look, huge thumbs up and applause for Naomi during this match and after it. You deserved to win, Naomi, you played strong, smart, composed tennis. Congratulations!

  8. Nathan T says:

    “I have never cheated! I have a daughter!” Lmao wtf

  9. anotherDanielle says:

    That awkward moment when her coach admits that he was coaching her x____x

  10. Angelo 23 says:

    race card/gender card: 6
    personal responsibility: 0

  11. unapologeticwhiteman Winner says:

    Serena folded under pressure. once she got behind she did not have the mental strength to over come and win. the difference in the game was the Japanese girl was mentally stronger than her. I think Serena was angry at herself and took it out on the judge.

  12. Tiger says:


  13. 阿部高和 says:



    • 野球小僧 says:


    • 阿部高和 says:

      川獺 なるほど、そういうブーイングだったのか!

    • 川獺 says:


    • s setutarou says:


      補足 コーチングとはコーチが助言する事。

    • るららら says:

      セリーナはひたすら審判に、謝れといってますね。とりあえず謝らせるために駄々こねてる感じですww これがトッププレーヤーとは聞いて呆れる🤦‍♀️

  14. receo11 says:

    That Japanese girl is killing that dude on the tennis court.

  15. Teufel Hunden says:

    What a disgraceful and classless athlete. Completely robbed Osaka of her deserved moment of victory with this shambolic theatrics. Absolute disgrace.

  16. Caroline Jordon says:

    Stay strong Osaka. You deserved to win ❤️❤️

  17. RodF BRA says:

    Congratulations to the japanese!

  18. LOVE2nyanko says:

    テレビのインタビューで、大坂選手が「嬉しい… と、少し切ない」って言ってて、インタビュアーが「それはあのブーイングが?」と聞いて「ちがう、セレーナに勝ったから」って言ってた。



  19. EG says:

    Serena Williams revealed her true, awful character here. She’s a terrible role model for young girls.

  20. Pupper {your boss} says:

    Aisde from sirena’s poor sportsmanship lets all give a hand for Osaka’s win 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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